We added a “visit random site” button to the 512KB Club today. Not gonna lie, I’ve spent way too much time hitting that button!

@kev cool project.

as someone who appreciates efficiency, but has a personal blog weighing > 512kb, I feel a bit gutted.

you need awards or something to promote quality. I mean, light weight isn't enough - anyone who hasn't updated their blog in 15 years probably meets the 512kb criteria. it's got to be light weight but still awesome.

@levi we review sites before they’re added. If they’re really basic, we don’t add them.

@kev yeah I saw that, but that's not what I mean.

Promoting low kb in isolation is a bit meaningless because it's not necessarily efficient, it's just light.

Was just thinking annual awards for best presentation or whatever would emphasise efficiency as the objective.

@levi that’s subjective though. Plus what would the award be? Would would pay for it? How is it presented? Where do i find the time to do that? It just more complexity and more to manage for very little return.

@kev fair enough. it's your project, and you're right to avoid feature creep.

I wasn't suggesting a monetary reward, just on-site recognition.

@kev Super sweet! Would be neat, though, to see how big a website is that the button redirects you to.

@kev Hm. In randomSite.js, you get the href attribute. Do the same but for the .after (example: and wrap with a confirm where you show the visitor the size of the website 🙂

In my mind, this will work. But if it will work in practice, I don't know, but I think so 😅

@edgren feel free to clone the repo and give it a go.

@kev I'm at 1.5 MB on my landing page because of images in the summary of some articles. If i go to a page with no images it's 376 KB uncompressed. Is the 512K requirement for any page loaded or just in general? It does make me think maybe I should be uploading much smaller photos for the main images though and just have link through to the bigger ones.

@hankg it’s the total uncompressed size of the homepage.

We do this as the homepage is the landing page of the site and it means it’s standard for everyone. If we allowed people to submit any page, it allows for manipulation.

@hankg @kev Looks like a lot of your homepage images could benefit from smaller dimensions. Using formats like WebP and AVIF would also help a ton.

Also, you might want to consider grayscaling. Sometimes color isn't especially important. Some of your bread pics look much better (imo) in grayscale.

I managed to shrink a ~700kb image from your homepage to under 125kb:

@kev that's brilliant! the orange team is definitely yellow, though. someone should take a look

@edboythinks it’s definitely not yellow to my eye. The lighter background is slightly yellow, but the filled in part of the bar isn’t.

@kev maybe it's the color balance on my monitor

@kev @edboythinks Yeah it reads as mostly yellow to me too, especially near the top. Maybe go to a lighter shade of orange like you do for the blue and green. Like pure orange is HSL(39, 100, 50) maybe go to HSL(39, 50, 75)
@kev This was a great exercise. I should be making thumbnail versions of larger images anyway. I also had some old JQuery and other cruft I didn't use anymore so was just dead weight. Down to 355 KB uncompressed even with lead in images. Going to submit for review 😀.
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