@kev I hate that this is such a trend on Twitter. Awful design pattern. The only thing I can see going for it is that breaking up thoughts into tweets makes composition really easy for the writer.


Exactly this.
A twitter thread is different from a blog post.
Also, it's on twitter, and most of the time people won't click the link to a blog post.
Also, with the thread you have an idea of the thought process / the quality of writing before deciding to read the rest, which you don't on blog posts - and most blog posts are just clueless rehashes of hackneyed issues and reflexions.


@sean @kev

Note that I exclusively use Twitter through the Nitter interface, so YMMV.

@sean @kev It's like writing a story on a wall with spray paint

@kev IMO, thread type of discussion are easier to consume. A single portion of a thread branches out to a new discussion until scammers join in.

It works at some point but not every time.

@kev One can only take so much twitter..it's too much.

In my opinion Twitter should have a 10 000 character limit (about four A4), but never display more than 280 char. in the feed.

@kev I hate Twitter threads too. But when I encounter one, Nitter helps reading it. Twitter's web UI is terrible.

@kev I'm guessing you don't like Twitter threads because those things are a damned disaster. They're horrible and stupid.

@kev Really? I would have assumed you were a big fan!

@kev I should have added more !!!! to make it clear

@kev in response to your actual article though, I assume the problem is the duality of it. Not only are you writing on a platform that's much easier to generate an audience, you are also multiplying your chances of increasing your followers by simply having more than one tweet in a thread. It's honestly ridiculous though. As if twitter itself weren't terrible enough already.

@jle hahaha! I posted it to HN myself when I first published it. I love the mystery of HN.

@kev I understand the sentient and do agree to a certain degree, but the example of Cory Doctorow you picked is maybe not the best because he actually published all these Twitter threads of his on his blog:

@joschi I think this makes it an even better example. Why write the post, then to the effort of sprawling it over 50 tweets? Just post a single tweet with a link. I suppose only Corey knows the answer to that, but it confuses the shit outta me.

@kev Oddly enough, the example of a terrible twitter thread that you picked is actually a really good example of why a blog post is better, because it actually is a blog post [1]. It's also a mastodon thread at mamot.fr [2] Cory's been blogging for 20 years now, and has no plans on surrendering his stuff to twitter [3]

1. pluralistic.net/2021/10/16/soc
2. @pluralistic
3. pluralistic.net/2021/01/13/two

@mattrose @pluralistic so why not just post the link on Twitter? That now seems even more ridiculous to me.

@kev @pluralistic I think he does it for the exposure. It's much better for him to write out the whole post to the platform with the largest audience. It promotes RTs of specific points or sections that may resonate with a wider audience than just a naked link. Read point 3 to get more info on why

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