We just had a little outage, not sure if anyone noticed apart from @xpil

Does this make us the new Facebook? 🙂

It was a router maintenance at our host, OVH. Hamster is back on its wheel and everything should be kicking along nicely again now.

@kev @xpil I noticed, tried getting on but nothing worked, good that we're back :)

@kev I checked patreon but there wasn't anything new posted there. Although IPv6 seemed to be working.

@kev I noticed too, but until Fosstodon becomes Facebook a few more scandals and whistleblowers are due. :)


@cooper don't even think about blowing the whistle on how badly @mike and I treat you!!

@floppy @xpil

@kev @xpil I was going to toot about it. Actually I was going to ask if Fosstodon was hosted in OVH.

I guess the DNS providers I use are hosted there too because I had issues with them too.

Same for me, my domain name provider was out. It's a Canadian company...
@kev @xpil

Actually, quite a few Fedi instances were out (I checked), even, as well as my own domain which made me freak out a little. That explains things, thanks!

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