Hmmmm thinking about starting a new Mastodon instance that’s centred around writing and personal blogging…

I dunno.

@proactiveservices yeah, that’s not the kinda thing I’m thinking. is great, but I’m thinking more toward personal bloggers specifically.

I dunno, just a passing thought, I get these all the time. 😊

@Cambria nahhhh would need a much more creative name than that!

@kev Make it misskey, and I'll join.
Think about it, a misskey is from a typo, a typo is from typing, typing for a blog!

@timapple it's not what I have in mind. But it's pretty close.

@kev sounds like a fun place! I'd say if you have the time and resources, you should do it!

I've thought about starting one aimed at 3Dprinting but no time for that.

@kev I'd love it. While I love Fosstodon, I'm not in the tech field and at times I feel a little out of touch with some of the discussions.

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