@kev Was just recently talking about this, how in my schooltime calling someone "a Kevin" was an insult. I wonder if this is still the case nowadays.


@sheogorath i didn’t know it was a thing, but there is a running joke that I’ve noticed where all tje idiots in films are generally called Kevin.

@kev @sheogorath Exception to the rule, Kevin McAllister from Home Alone.

@redeagle @kev @sheogorath There are studies by the University of Oldenburg/Germany that show that names have an influence on school grades. Children named Kevin run the risk of being graded lower.

@redeagle @kev @sheogorath Exactly. It's about prejudice and subjectivity. It's a complex topic on which basis other people are judged...

@pantos @kev @sheogorath Yeah. I'm familiar. Here in the States it's an issue with anyone that doesn't have an Anglo sounding name. Especially black people.

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