I think about pages are really important. Do you have one on your blog?

@kev The approaches you've pointed out are not obvious, and they improve readability and spark more interest. I just made a quick fix to my about section, but I'll think how to improve it further later. Thanks!

@kev I have one too. I think it's a nice way to introduce yourself for the reader.

@kev I don't have an about page but my homepage is it. How do you think about this?

@duy i think thats fine, and a good point that i should mention in the post actually - doesn’t matter if it isn’t a specific about page so long as the info is there and easy to find.

Good catch!

@kev Back in my uni days, I would tell undergrads in digital marketing classes the rest of your site is the practical appeal, but the 'About Us' is the emotional appeal.

@trhr thanks. I've quoted you on the post. 🙂

@kev I like the "About Me" pages because they give a sense of connection, as you said. I prefer blogs that are run by individuals who express themselves in their posts, and a good "About Me" page really amplifies that feeling. Very well said!

@kev thanks for the tips. I'm in the process of reviewing my own site. And I've definitely picked up some good ideas from this. Thank you!

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