After being somewhat inspired by the latest blog post by @kev (, I wrote a very basic guide for setting up a cheap, performance-focused WordPress blog:


@uglyduck interesting, i tried to install WP Rocket on my EasyWP site earlier today and it complained saying “you dont meed this because EasyWP is already caching” did you not have that issue?

@kev Didn't try WP Rocket - but I think I have seen that previously on a client site in the past. I don't think EasyWP let's you use 3rd party caching options - instead relies on it's own?

@uglyduck but Jetpack boost is caching? Or does it just optimise?

@kev Yeah I think Boost just optimizing - no caching

@uglyduck yup. just installed it on my EasyWP site.

99 | 100 | 100 | 100


@uglyduck also, how did you get a Let’s Encrypt cert on EasyWP? I just bought one from NameCheap (was like $10).

What is this witchcraft??

@kev Now to be fair, I had an SSL cert through Namecheap *already* - but I should really write up a post how to do the same with Let's Encrypt

@uglyduck yeah you should! I didn't know it would be possible unless you have certbot running on the server.

@uglyduck worhout certbot that would be a right pain - id rather pay the $10/y 😂

@kev 100% agreed. Every 90 days running through that is not a good money/time ratio

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