@kev I’ll have to look into your suggestions in regards to caching. Without me doing anything at all my personal site is sitting at:


A lot can be said for avoiding bloated themes. Good read and helpful 👍

@kev Indeed I am. Your two recent posts have inspired me to write up a quick post on how to setup a performance-focused WordPress blog while spending as little as possible 😝

@uglyduck I'll look forward to that one!

I've just setup a new project on EasyWP's smallest package and the performance is pretty darn good.

Gonna use this new project as a test bed, and if I'm happy, I'll move my main site over to them when the contract on my current host is up in December.

@kev i really love your technical articles

> how much your website jiggles around while it loads

@Spaceface16518 I'm all about dumbing things down. Wherever I can. 😂

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