I’m love fish keeping. Like really REALLY love it.

How much? Like, knock part of my kitchen down to make space for a bigger tank kinda love.

More pics in next toot…

@kev Between your fish and your bikes, you have the most patient wife in the world.

@mike hahaha why do you think I married her?

To be fair, she loves fish keeping too.

@kev Honestly, it's been something I've been considering. My kids have been pushing for a pet, and we're not allowed "non-caged" pets in our rental agreement. My wife has been looking at Guinea pigs or hamsters. I know I'm going to be the one that ends up cleaning all this crap up, and I really don't like that smell. Fish seems like a better alternative. Was looking at some of the neon looking ones yesterday. Seemed really cool with a tank based black light.

@kev Probably? I didn't catch the official name, but I did see that on the tank it said the fish coloring was natural, not a dye or generic alteration. They basically glowed in the black light, which was really cool to see.

@mike yeah, they’re GloFish. They’re genetically modified to be that colour. Depending on the colour, they used proteins from jelly fish and some coral.

Now they breed naturally that colour. They were originally bred to activate their bioluminescence when there were toxins in the water, but they ended up selling them as pets.

There were rumours they were dyed at first, but that isn’t the case.

Also, I know way too much about this stuff. 😂

@mike @kev Guinea pigs aren't bad, I've got 6 boys. They don't smell if you take care of them and depending on how big you make the cage/s it isn't too much maintenance. Just make sure if you get one, get two. I'd recommend females, or an already bonded pair of males. Don't buy from a pet store, adopt.

Live plants too! Wow. And all that for goldfish?

@Tay0 yep. The plants will thicken up with time. People think goldfish are beginner fish, but they’re actually one of the most difficult fish to keep. That’s why so many die.

A goldie will easily live 20 years.

@kev Nice - really well done! What type of fish are those?

@kev with a tank that size, it would have been amazing ;)

@r3pek the goldfish are amazing. Once this tank is established it will look great.

@kev I love goldfish. One of my friends at school had one that was as old as he was.

@jamie yeah, if they’re looked after properly they will live 20 years, no problem.

@kev So I have to ask. What was in that space prior to you knocking out that? I seems like there was a space with nothing in it?

@nathan this the wall originally. As you can see, there was a much smaller tank that was their previous home.

We’ve now moved the table over to the left a little bit.

@kev ah. It was a chimney breast? I was just wondering where you got space from within a wall!

@nathan no. When we got the kitchen done a few years back, this was a small alcove, we decided to square it off because we didn't want/need it there.

Then we decided it would be a good idea to put a fish tank there, so undid the work. 🤦‍♂️

@nathan the upright is brickwork that supports a steel - the parts you see in the photo from before the work is an extension - hence the steels.

It's very convoluted haha.

@kev man those fish had better be entertaining! That's a lot of work!

@kev I'm not into fish keeping but this is a masterpiece! bravo!

@kev Looks awesome, I would have done networking closet first :D

@kev beautiful job! Its amazing, but just seeing that finished pic of the fish in the tank makes me feel a wave of calm come over me.

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