Kids are at nan and grandads. All DIY is done for the day, so time for a couple beers in the tub!

@kev are there more such houses where you live and for sale? ;) nice place! little bit jealous...

@kev is that an inflatable hot-tub? Do you like the product?

Reason I'm asking is because I'm about to get into the market of garden stuff like that 😎👍

@RyuKurisu yep. We only bought it a few months ago, I’ve been after a hot tub for ages. We decided to try and inflatable one first to see how we like it. Honestly, don’t really see the need for a permanent one - they’re great. This one is a Lay-Z-Spa.

@kev @RyuKurisu the Mrs has been after one for a couple of years now. She hired one of the same sort of inflatable Lazy-Spas for my birthday week back in July and it was pretty good to be able to escape the heat of summer (unusually hot in Manchester) but I'm still unsure it we'd make enough use of it to justify the running cost.

@pugmiester @RyuKurisu we run 3 large fish tanks at home, all with large heaters, so the extra cost of heating the water wasnt noticed by us. 😊

Joking aside, the additional cost does seem negligible.

@kev @RyuKurisu I didn't realise how much electricity we were really using until we started looking at getting solar/battery/ev and I started grabbing all the numbers I could. We average about 8kWh per day. On the day the tub arrived we ate 21 kWh and around 14 kWh for the other 2 days so it's really noticeable for us. That's not a huge cost, but quite a jump. Plus I guess as we get towards winter they would be more draw for heating too.

@pugmiester @kev thanks for the replies, something to consider. BTW I'd definitely look into solar heating with running a loop of black hose; would safe tremendous on the heating part!

@kev *wife slowly watches as husband tries to take a beer and catch him in the act*

@XxAlexXx she was there with me, also with a beer. That’s why I married her! 😂

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