I've been flopping around the internet looking for better hosting, but it hasn't gone well so far.

Any ideas?

@kev I used Cloudways' cheapest option with Digital Ocean for several years until I switched to a static site.

@be I’m considering doing that and just seeing how it goes. They recommend using the 1GB VPS for dev work only, but @g said he was using the smaller package too.

@kev @g I guess that depends on your use case. For my low traffic personal website, the cheapest Cloudways option was fine.

@kev @be @g I host a bunch of WP sites (including some multisites with hundreds of sub-sites) on $10-$40/month Digital Ocean instances via Docker. Some have fairly heavy traffic. Very cost-effective & reliable over the past few years.

@kev with being on the smallest package I'm hosting 2 live sites, 1 analytics (Matomo), and one test site.

On average I use around 30% of the CPU.

Kev, you can always upgrade to 2GB if you feel you need to at anytime.


@sprkwd KF have to pay for the biggest package to handle my traffic. That works be very expensive.

@kev Not sure if these guys have what you want but just in case you might give them a look - I've used their services for years:

@oilyfish I tried Dreamhost a few years ago and had an awful experience. May have changed since then though.

@kev I’ve been pretty happy with everything on SiteGround, but they’re a tad pricier than I would prefer.

@kev There are pros and cons to everything. You could open a single DMZ host rather than your entire home network, ending up with a cheaper and faster option. On the other hand, you need to take your own backups etc. There is no perfect solution.

@xpil yeah, if I was going to do that I’d either go down the DMZ route, or a reverse proxy that’s external to my network. But it’s all infrastructure that I’d need to maintain, which is what I don’t want to do.

@kev So if you write your own theme, you could switch to Craft CMS and use the hosting you have.

It in has built in caching and plugins (paid) to handle the other items (not super sure about the newsletter glue).

Plus you have absolute control over the front end and final rendered output. It's pretty damn fast.

@redeagle potentially yeah, I’m just not that sure I have the inclination to learn an entire new CMS. I’ll definitely take a look though.

@kev The backend UI is dead simple. It's just getting used to Twig if you're not already familiar with it.

@kev Holy shit, that seems so expensive! I'm paying like 5€ per month for my VPS with a lot of other services running there as well.

@kev For my girlfriend I run a Wordpress site at Hetzner for 1,9€ per month including a domain. (

@jle my VPS on its own is around the same price as you pay. With the like of Cloudways, it’s all the special sauce they add in that contributes to the extra charge, I would assume.

@kev It's probably all those plugins etc. that add up to the price 🤔 I don't even use a CDN anymore because that would make my site slower and a lot more complicated. Wordpress is a resource hog, I guess.

Wow. You've got a complicated setup. 😶 #NotATechie

I used to have Namecheap as my #webhost. Got sick of them and now my webhost is #CrazyDomains. I think they're Australian. My needs are simple, so I can't say if they'll meet your needs. I got their cheapest plan -- which is more than enough for li'l me.

No complaints so far. Oh, and they helped me make the move too. 👍

@evelyn never heard of them, I’ll check them out, thanks.

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