Can any of the fine people that I follow recommend a managed WordPress host please?

Must be:
✅ Fast (cache all the things)
✅ Use a CDN
✅ Include SSL
✅ Backups included

Getting sick of managing my own infrastructure...


Budget would be around £20/m ($30/m)

@kev I use
It not worpress only, but they have onclick install of wp and check your other boxes to

@kev I'm not joking - exactly what level of service are you looking for? How much load? etc.

I've got a pair of 1U servers I'm trying to figure out exactly what to do with, and I was thinking about giving friends / family discounted hosting and using docker to let them manage it. Very early stage idea, but 🤷 who knows maybe it's worth us talking about it?

The service would literally be called thats-no-barn-thats-a-datacent - and would be "you get what you pay for, servers sitting in my barn"

@funnylookinhat while I appreciate the offer, that would be pretty much the same as self-hosting, albeit free. 🙂

@kev WPEngine is pretty solid, around $25/month. SSL, CDN, staging

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