Can any of the fine people that I follow recommend a managed WordPress host please?

Must be:
✅ Fast (cache all the things)
✅ Use a CDN
✅ Include SSL
✅ Backups included

Getting sick of managing my own infrastructure...

@kev I use
It not worpress only, but they have onclick install of wp and check your other boxes to

@kev I'm not joking - exactly what level of service are you looking for? How much load? etc.

I've got a pair of 1U servers I'm trying to figure out exactly what to do with, and I was thinking about giving friends / family discounted hosting and using docker to let them manage it. Very early stage idea, but 🤷 who knows maybe it's worth us talking about it?

The service would literally be called thats-no-barn-thats-a-datacent - and would be "you get what you pay for, servers sitting in my barn"

@funnylookinhat while I appreciate the offer, that would be pretty much the same as self-hosting, albeit free. 🙂

@kev WPEngine is pretty solid, around $25/month. SSL, CDN, staging

@kev EasyWP has some pretty cheap plans. They have a CDN and SSL on the second tier. Backups aren't automatic, but they're easy to do.

@nathand Do they offer regional/localized pricing, any chance?


@celia I don't think so. I can't find anything in their knowledge base about it.


@nathand Thought so. Thanks for looking!

Seems like no staging site either.


@celia Where we're going, we don't need staging 😎


For the price, yeah, they're not going to give you much.


@nathand Haha yeah. I live on the edge rn, but would have liked staging.

If they offered $35/year forever...I might have been tempted. As of right now, makes sense to be on my own infra.


@nathand I've used EasyWP in the past and they're really good. They're top of the list at the moment.

@kev @nathand I'm currently in the process of migrating my Jekyll blog over to EasyWP :)

@uglyduck but Brad, EasyWP can’t host Jekyll sites?? 😂


@kev disclaimer: I work for Automattic who owns

I think is by far the best managed hosting solution for WP, so long as Calypso (the custom admin UI) is not too limiting.

Pressable (another Automattic product) is very solid for a more standard WP hosting solution, but I’m not sure what sort of caching/CDN work they do.

Don’t go with GoDaddy. I’ve seen many tickets in our support queue where problems originate with their hosting setup.

@reykjalin I won't be going with GoDaddy, or similarly bad hosts.

The big bearer I have with is that they restrict access so much - so I can't use my custom theme etc.

@kev yeah,’s restrictions are pretty heavy handed, but in that case you might be interested in looking at Pressable. Those are just plain WP installs as far as I’m aware.

I host some of my test sites at work there and I haven’t had any issues, but I haven’t measured performance in any way.

Pressable sites benefit from a lot of the infrastructure, so performance should be good.

@kev Also may be of interest to you? Basically; build a site with React, serve your blog on that site, but write in WordPress.

Another disclaimer: I heard about them because Automattic recently acquired the company. I have no idea how good this is, but it looks interesting.

@reykjalin I’m not sure I have the skills for something like that.

@kev @reykjalin Disclaimer: I am a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, working on customer support for 👋 has support for third-party/custom themes these days. It's available on the Business/eCommerce plans:

+1 to as well; I have tried many hosts in the last few years, but keep coming back to for its performance. Super proud of our systems folks.

@kev @reykjalin We do have a 7 day refund window on monthly plans and 14 day refund window on annual plans. Plus, we are lenient on requests that cross the refund window by some time.

If you decide to give a try, don't hesitate to ping me! I'll need to work from our helpdesk software though.

@aruns @reykjalin id love to try it, but it doesnt support GeneratePress so it’s a non starter

@kev Not Wordpress specific, but does a terrific job at [all the PHP things].

@kev I used Siteground in the past, and was surprised by the good customer service:

@kev we use WP engine at work and have been generally very happy with them, pricing tiers are a little confusing to me but it seems like they tick all the boxes

@firewally WPEngine is right at the top of my bracket, I would prefer not to spend that much.

@kev what about Cloudways?

CDN and Backups would be a little bit more than the regular server price but I don't think they would be over your budget.

(I have a referral link if you want one)

@g I've been playing around with Cloudways today, but it comes out at $20/month, which is fine, but the UI is really verbose, which I don't want/need.

I want to use the WP UI and that's it.

@kev the Cloudways UI is very different and it does take a while to find what you may be looking for, but I have found once you have it the way you want you don't have to use their UI.

Since moving to Cloudways I have had very little (to almost none) downtime, and their support is very good (ticket's answered within a couple of hours).

@g yeah, I can see that. Are you on a 1GB droplet, or the recommended 2GB?

@kev I am on 1gb droplet, on average the most CPU I use is around 30% (I don't use the CDN)

@kev (disclamer: my friend works there) they do a great job. They have developed and submitted several network related patches to the linux kernel.

@kev Kinsta at that price point. DM me if you want some more context.

@nathan I have considered Kinsta, but with the traffic my blog gets, I'd be looking at over $100/month. :(

@kev of you've got loads of traffic, I'd look at Digital Ocean (Vultr etc.) on something like Cloudways. It's not really managed though. I've also heard good things about Onyx.

@kev I use Neostrada for these things. They’re Dutch and pretty much offer all this—well, I do use Cloudflare for the CDN bit—and fairly decent support for under €5 a month. Gets you cPanel, SSH access, Git, auto-renewing Let’s Encrypt certs, and more. (Well, I actually use their “mid-size” reseller package which is like €30/month, but still.) Hard to imagine something similar can’t be found elsewhere.

@kev Only thing I use a VPS for anymore is if I need Ruby, or Go, or Redis, or headless Chromium, or anything that isn’t PHP/MySQL, really.

@kev Hetzner or OVH come to mind as generally good and really affordable, too. (Both EU as well, in case it matters.)

@jan I have a VPS running Plesk at the moment, and it's great. I just don't want the hassle of managing the web server.

@kev Exactly. I’ve found decent shared hosting is just fine for anything PHP/MySQL.

@kev I think CDN is a bolt-on but I recently switched a dozen sites to wpmudev hosting, couldn't be happier

@jaz I didn’t know they did Hosting - I thought they were a blog haha! Their service looks really cool, I’ll definitely check them out, thanks!

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