Something a bit different on my blog…story time. This time I talk you through the time I was run over twice in one day.

@kev The fact that you had to explain what an ice cream truck/van is/was makes me sad.

Though, as a parent, I now fear them

@nathand I wasn’t sure if it’s purely a UK thing, so thought it best to explain.

@kev @nathand There's one that drives by my house daily during the spring and summer here in Lousyana that plays very loud "Hawaiian" music to let the kids know they're here. The person driving usually is so mindfucked by the constant music playing that they often don't notice kids at all until they experience an unexpected speed bump... well maybe not that last part; they are still quite absentminded anyway.

@kev Seriously dude, you go through all the trouble of telling us what an Ice Cream truck is, but never bothered to even describe what the hell a 99 Flake is??

We have Ice Cream Trucks in USia too. We do stupid shit for ice cream too.😃

I met a girl from Israel who drove an ice cream truck in Austin. I was madly in love and going to move to Israel with her and live on a kibbutz. It wasn't meant to be for geopolitical reasons.

@mike knows it: the best and only use for a Flake

@ckoul It looks like an icecream cone with a stick in it.


@mike @kev So you can imagine (flavor-wise) whatever you like! 😂
I'm not sure Kev can express or we are able to understand/feel how it did taste at his age.. 😋

@kev There's a picture of the icecream truck too!


> ready and raring to run out in front of the next car. Which, as luck would have it, didn't happen for a few more years.

> *didn’t happen for a few more years*


@kev I don’t know if I should be worried or excited 😅

In the early nineties my first car was a Chevrolet Sprint, a minicar later rebadged as Geo Metro. Not exactly the same car (in fact not at all), but I somehow feel a little responsible. Sorry man.

I'm very glad for the ice cream van explanation, and more so for the picture. I have great analysis skills so I was able to figure out that it is somehow like an ice cream truck.

Who knew.

@normandc 😂😂 I wasn’t sure if they existed anywhere else.

@kev Thanks for a good story and happy you survived to tell us about it. Were I live we use to have people on a bicycle with a cooler of ice cream treats making noise to bring attension to all to come and buy. At least now they are not very common.

@adamsdesk that’s a much better idea than a large can! I feel like that would have hurt a lot less of it ran over me.

@kev Well very true and not likely to run you over as the cyclist would have to be moving quite fast to even make that possible with the amount of weight in front. Something like this

@kev In Germany we have those ice vans as well, but they sell proper Italian ice cream, not soft ice. 😊

@jle note that sounds like my kinda ice cream van!

@kev thanks for this piece! I had so much fun reading it 😁😁😁

@kev Hooked from the start and enjoyed every second reading it. Can't wait for the next one :)

(As word nerd, I also appreciated the overall tone and occasional less common word.) I’m somewhat of a weird nerd too. I love learning new works and the nuances between their meaning.

I particularly like onomatopoeic words. They’re always fun if you can get them in as they tend to invoke more emotion for me.

@kev I thought the moral of the story was: "if you want a free ice cream, don't follow the green cross code"? ;)


terms and conditions apply; free might not actually be free if you live in a country without free healthcare.

@kev Very nice story! I really enjoyed reading it this morning. I hope you have/had no permanent/long-term restrictions due to the injuries.

@mmk2410 nothing long term that I’ve noticed. I think I was very lucky, ask things considered.

@kev Wonderful story (apart from the broken leg, of course, that's not wonderful).

And yes, those vans and their shrill jingle are known here in the Netherlands, as well. They usually sell scoops, not soft ice cream.

@kev My goodness... 😂 But hey, I feel you! Everything for some ice cream 🍦 !

@kev yes, please do continue writing these. I enjoyed it; you have a great writing style. 😄

@kev a great story and well told. I don’t remember a time they were 72p, but we were rather poor so very rarely got anything from Mr Whippy. 🍦

@TinBee truth be told, I have no idea how much they were, but 72p seemed like a good number. 😂

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