It’s bad enough that I have to wait for my computers to update. Now I have to wait for my bloody car to update too!

Let's be thankful that it is not Windows car and it won't decide to update and reboot while driving.
@xpil @kev

@kev In the smartphone world : "Sorry, your car is now 6 months old and is not supported anymore. Please buy a new one."

@Wivik I hope not! They’re a little more expensive than a phone!

@kev your car *will* stop in 5km in order to reboot and install updates, please find a safe parking space and exit the car as a precaution! 😎👍

@RyuKurisu Libby for me it made me wait until the car was in park and the engine wasn’t running,.

@kev In the near future:

Thief 1: "We're getting away!"
Thief 2(driver): "Oh no! System update."
The car slows down to a stop.

"This is the police! We got you surrounded!"

The thief's car finishes updating, and they drive off. The police try to shoot, but a bluetooth glitch causes most of their guns to stay locked. Except for one cop who is a bad shot and doesn't hit anywhere near the car.

The police run to their cruisers, but all of them are now updating too. The thieves get away.

@kev one just gotta love the internet of things 😇

@kev This reminds me of the time that my dads car (a Chevrolet back then) turned itself off when he was out driving. The computer told him that *some part* was malfunctioning.

He took it to the repair shop and they ordered that particular part from the states, which was rather expensive. I think it ended up at 1200-1700 USD.

Once repaired, it turns out it was the computer that was malfunctioning and they had repaired a perfectly fine part for nothing.

@hund @kev

Happened to me too actually. Had a Chevy that did that kind of thing.

My BCM (body control module), an essential computer part inside the car, died.

Symptoms of its decay were my thief protection activating intermittently.

Including while turning onto a busy road, with a passenger, killed engine, locked wheel, stopping me in the middle of the road.

I’m not normally one for swearing.

Probably the loudest “OH SHIT” i have ever said on that day.

Fun times. $400ish for that part.

@kev @wholesomedonut That's what my human autocorrect suggested as well. :P

@hund @kev I feel like the people replacing the part should've checked for that first though

this is why I’ll keep me a 60s classic around. and they look good too.

It's early in the morning. Your foggy, caffeine desperate brain is seeking what it needs. You find the kettle, fill it with water and switch it on.
"Please Wait...Updating" says the kettle.
You resort to a beer instead.

I am guessing that you use "smart" coffee brewer but not "smart" beer brewer. Else the story would continue as:
"Please Wait... Updating" says the beer brewer.
You resort to water instead.
"Please Wait... Updating" says the water filter.
[please a more creative person continue]
@gruffymax @kev

@kev let's hope there never comes a day where ambulances and firetrucks need software updates like these

@kev One more case of "no car, no problem". 😉

@OlegH with two young kids and a 25 mile commute to the office, that’s impossible. 😊

@kev Depends on the availability of public transport, but yes, in general a strong argument for me to choose job and home.

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