So I’ve just been sat with my oldest son before bed. We got to talking about my tattoos. I ended up giving him a pen so he could draw a tattoo on me…

He drew . Now the question is, do I get his drawing inked on my leg for real?

@kev I think that there's a >50% chance you'll regret that!

@nathan @kev yeah. Probably better for a more special tattoo by your kid. Maybe an original drawing of his or something.

@critical @nathan maybe I wasn’t clear. I mean the original drawing, not a random deadpool.

It’s his drawing, exactly how he wanted it, in the colours he picked, with his name and the date written by it, in his handwriting.

Also, it looks nothing like deadpool 😂

@kev I'm still wary about getting tattoos unless it's something I really want, but this sounds like something you're passionate about. I only have one so far. @critical @nathan

@calculsoberic I’m covered in ink, so it’s really not that big of a decision for me. 😁

@critical @nathan

@kev @calculsoberic @critical @nathan well in that case, change my vote to "Go for it!"

BTW, how old is he? 😎👍

@kev @taylor85345 I saw a guy at the gym with tattoos that looked as though they were drawn by a child. At the time I wondered why. Perhaps a friend who was learning to ink? Now I know why… a loving father who wanted to keep his son’s art.🙃

@kev I'm going to let my kids go ham on me later as well. :)

Go for it if you are going to let your son operate the needle. If you are going to pay someone else for your son's art, don't.

I was going to say "NO" but then I thought that you may need material to embarrase your son in the future. And showing your tattoo to his college friends can be a good opportunity to do so.

Go ahead. It is an aging joke waiting to happen.

@kev hah! close enough you can have NO GUILT no matter what you choose!

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