I’ve had a couple of episodes where I’ve passed out. Not sure why, but my Dr is looking into it. In the meantime they have (rightly) said I can’t drive.

So, check out my new wheels! Not quite as comfortable as my Mercedes, but at least I can get about. 😊

I hope they get to the bottom of that. Get well.

I passed out last night only because I worked all night then stayed on the phone for the postmortem witch hunt all day. You aren't working too much like me are you?

@Tay0 no, I don’t think it’s that. It doesn’t happen suddenly, it builds up over 20 minutes or so. Dr doesn’t know what it is at the moment. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it.

Dude, literally working until you pass out is all kinds of bad!

> working until you pass out

Says the guy that is passing out for some reason other than working too long. 🙁 I hope the docs can find a solution for you!

In the meantime: crashing a bike sucks, try to avoid that. 🙃

@bhart hahaha I’ll try my best! My rationale is that if I crash my bike, I’m only likely to hurt myself.

@kev A good opportunity to "decarbon" your life. Maybe the bicycle can become a regular way of transportation on the long run for you. When all the health issues are cleared, of course. Get well.

@steppenwolf yeah, that’s what we’re hoping. I like the sound of family rides with my wife and kids.

Hopefully you can figure out what is going on. That's kinda scary, really.

Is it related to your second vaccine shot, or it's totally unrelated? Hope they find out what, and that it's something easily treatable.

@kev Yikes, hope they get to the bottom of it and it’s nothing serious!

@kev passing out on the bike doesn't sound a much better option though. Hope you get better soon!

@fedops yeah, that’s true, but at least it’s only hurt myself.

@kev sorry to hear that dude, hope they figure out what it is soon and it’s nothing that can’t be reversed

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