My lymph node has swollen to the size of an orange and is REALLY painful. So yeah, thanks for that covid vaccine!


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@kev I am severely dumb. I thought lymph was some kind of network node and you were just giving an analogy for increased traffic. Get well soon!

@kev wow, hope you'll feel better too, compared to that I had close to really nothing.

@kev Yeah, me neither, my second was just feverish dreams one night, I guess it hits differently depending on the current state.

@kev Yeah, it is, unfortunately. But since your lymph node are swollen to the size of an orange, I think a doctor should look at it to see if you need any medication for it πŸ™‚

@kev Yeah. My wife had that with her first jab (although smaller than an orange) - before it was widely known as a side effect . It made her think she had breast cancer. Scary times.

It does eventually go away on its own

@kev Yikes, that sucks! 😞 First I’m hearing of that side effect, hopefully it gets better soon.

@kev make sure to inform your doctor, small swelling is normal, if it becomes too big you might get into some complications.

They'll probably just give you some antibiotics...

@kev get well mate. I'm still waiting for the second dose!

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