@kev before it, we must conquer the go*gle castle

@can while we definitely do, I personally think Facebook is by far the worst of the lot.

Zuck is a vile individual. At least Larry and Sergei started with noble intentions.

@kev all the shit you buy is about to get a lot more expensive, because Cost of Customer Acquisition will go up.

@kev I struggle to believe that 25% of people consciously 'clicked the allow to track' button.

I've almost pressed it a couple of times by accidents. A bit of a redesign could get that number well into single digits.

@jamie yeah, definitely. There's a term for it, but it escapes me now. Dark methods? Dark actions? Something like that.

@kev cue the people complaining about costs going up. I echo your sentiments @kev . Facebook can eat it

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