So I discussed my leaving post with @mike and @cooper before posting it. It’s fair to say that all three of us had concerns as to the reaction I might get.

I’ve had lots of comments, the vast majority of which have been along the lines of “you do you” or “I’ve got a similar story”.

Not just from Fosstodon, but many other instances too. Don’t ever change, . You’re awesome.

@mike @cooper @kev When I saw your post I expected a lot more hate, considering how other communities that are close to foss or Linux behave (r/linux). I was happy to see that people here stayed civil.

@kev @mike @cooper I'm just sad.
I've used Linux every day for work 2006 (multimedia and general admin) and have non of the issues you had.
I also don't get nagged to reboot or have my machine decide to update at inconvenient times.
But hey, "you do you" 🤣

@greenpete @kev I find the response of “well *I’ve* never had those issues” to be quite dismissive of the entire point and a little condescending :p

There are folks like Kev (and me) who don’t have the time (or energy) to do the research required to get the perfect set of hardware to eliminate those problems, find the right combination of software to be problem free. It might also simply be that you use your computer for an entirely different workflow than Kev.

@brandon @kev I'm sorry if that's how I sounded, it was not my intention, but probably the result of brevity.
As I said, it makes me sad, not angry or judgemental.
This is not a place for essays or I might have made my point better.

@kev @mike @cooper As long as the point of view is argued, there is nothing to say IMHO.

In FOSS, there is "Free", so we all are free to do whatever we want with them, even don't using it. The only result by forcing people to use FOSS will be a counter productive effect.

@Wivik @kev @mike @cooper when using windows you aren't free. A Window$ machine isn't your machine, but Microsoft's.

@kev @Wivik @mike @cooper You may or may not like the term but it's totally true. Proprietary software is anti-user by design. It takes away your freedom. You can't control at all what happens on your machine.

@werwolf I think that the choice for ChromeOS,Window10,iOS,MacOS is typical for a change over time. More and more we are living in a sort of fast food society. At the same time climate crisis, corona crisis, toxic pollution and what not will be felt by the poor and not those who do not have to worry about money (like the new space tourists). Meanwhile it is probably a good idea to continue helping out those who are *really* interested in free software.

Wondering which could have been the reactions on "the other" social media.
@mike @cooper

@AAMfP most people wouldn’t care imo. Computypical (play on the word neurotypical) people don’t usually care about the OSs that other folks run beyond when it affects them like if one person edits a video in Premiere and the other in Final Cut but they have to work together.

I wonder if a majority of FOSS people actually use Windows or MacOS every day at work.

@JohanEmpa @kev I do, I just use what is practical, I won't be able to convince work to chance everything just for me.

@sotolf @JohanEmpa @kev there's no 'Bring-Your-Own-Device' at my work, we're specifically instructed to use the 'Guest' network for Internet. I've even specifically asked if I could use Linux on my machine, but management replied it would take too much effort to integrate multiple OSes in ActiveDirectory ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So I use Windows 10 at work 😬👍

@JohanEmpa @kev I have been fortunate to be able to have the option to use Linux exclusively as the most suitable tool for my job for more than fifteen years. I think being forced by an employer to use windows might be a deal-breaker for me, at least I haven't found a job that tested my stance too severely yet.

@simon @kev @JohanEmpa my last gig used linux for the serious work but we were also given Windows laptops to use office tools. I was the one rebel who used gnus for email instead of Outlook. People bitched at me for /not/ top posting. The office had a Windows server that we could reach remotely from linux, so I told the IT dept. "come & pickup the Windows laptop that I'm using as a footrest." They did.

@JohanEmpa @kev @simon So the take-away is, you might have a longer leash than you realize, and it pays off to be a rebel & test it.

@simon @kev @JohanEmpa Even my boss bitched about me not top posting so i made an exception just on msgs I sent to the boss. But I saved the company money on whatever monthly fee they paid for the leasing & maintenance of the Windows laptop. If I ever take a gig that's largely on Windows, my rate must double-- which happened once but I'm quite happy to generally price myself out of that market.


I agree completely with your post. Desktop Linux is a hot mess if you have anything thing more than just the simplest of needs. The fractured landscape of distros, Desktop Environments, and packaging formats make for a very complicated and bespoke environment that takes a lot of work and patience to perfect.

@kev @mike @cooper Honestly use whatever you like. Basically "you do you" is the default attitude people have for most things. I am sure you'll get a couple of die hard people irrationally angry but honestly it's your choice of OS not theirs 🤷

I know I am actively trying to spend more time using Linux but that's me. I have struggled with crappy install problems plenty of time on various Linux distros (even on servers) so can understand the frustrations.


I agree completely with your post. Desktop Linux is a hot mess if you have anything thing more than just the simplest of needs. The fractured landscape of distros, Desktop Environments, and packaging formats make for a very complicated and frustrating user experience.

@ScottMortimer it really is, unfortunately.

I mentioned it to someone else just now - the Linux ecosystem needs to kill the "I can do it better" approach. That's why there's soooo many DEs, package managers etc.

I'm not saying there should be 1 of each, but I don't think there needs to be quite so many.

@kev @mike @cooper I haven't seen the post in question, but at the end of the day, you've got to use the tool that's right for you. It makes no difference to *me* what tool *you* use.

@kev It’s very odd that we seem to do similar things close to the same time… I recently switched back to MacOS (via OpenCore on my M73 Tiny) for main work items. Pretty much the exact same reasoning as your switch too.

Looks like I’ll need to post my own article of how I indirectly copied you haha

@uglyduck no one has ever seen us in the same room together. Maybe we're the same person and we don't know it!

@kev @mike @cooper I chuckled reading your post because most of what you cite as reasons for leaving Linux are the reasons I don't use Windows.

Just different experiences, and maybe that is a problem with Linux in general, some experiences are not uniform or reproducible 😐

Get your work done, Linux will still be here when you get jack of Windows 😜

It was exactly like that for me!
In my use cases and preferences, package management, even with its quirks and diversity, is one of the major reasons to use Linux over Windows/...

But I fully agree, with Linux many simple things can be hard, although they are commodities on other platforms.
And vice versa.
It all depends, and you do you.

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