I’ve heard a few people say in the past “I wish is could move to Mastodon full time, but I can’t because I’d still like to follow person X”

Well you can still follow whomever you like from Twitter, right here on Mastodon with by our very own @garritfra 😊

@kev thanks for the shoutout! I must add that I'm not the original developer of @BirdsiteLIVE. Credits go out to @NicolasConstant!

@garritfra @kev @BirdsiteLIVE @NicolasConstant noo, now my secret is out there :p Now other people can follow @awesomekling and steal the stars I get from reposting his stuff :p

@kev @garritfra thank you for this tool, it's very helpful and keeps me informed about >tweets<, not only >toots< :)

@kev So, I'm trying this on a few handles, and getting a "record not found" error.

(Need to check if my node is blocking OK, not AFAICT:


@kev Looks like a very useful tool, though I use nitter's rss feeds when I want to follow someone from Twitter :blobcathappy:

@rick Yup! :ac_happy: It's not even hidden, on the right top you should see the rss button :blobcat:

@person never saw it fuck.. but good to know. i check some streamers out from time to time, caus they post thier streaming schedule there XD

@kev @garritfra
Does the bridge actually work?
I made 2 follow requests which are waiting for approval since June 30th.

@garritfra @BirdsiteLIVE
It' seems to be working now. Though I had to cancel the curernt follow request and then follow again.

@garritfra @BirdsiteLIVE
Well, it was working for a minute and is now back to waiting for approval.

@kev @garritfra YOU. MADE. MY- DAY.
So long Twitter, and thanks for all the fish.

@kev @garritfra

Amazing. This was what I actually wanted.

Guess you can't reply from Masto though?

@sprkwd @kev @garritfra does it actually work? I'm following @mjg59 there but am not seeing his tweets

@joeyh @sprkwd @kev the instance is widely overloaded. Twitter only allows a certain number of requests before rate limiting kicks in. If you can, I'd encourage you to set up your own instance of @BirdsiteLIVE.

@kev @garritfra Ok, how is that supposed to work? Should twitter tweets of those I follow appear in my Home timeline? Because so far I do not see anything.

@garritfra seems like there is a "follower request" going out. for every twitter account I tried to follow. Maybe it needs to approve manually? Not sure.

@nodq it should work out of the box. It could be that the display didn't measure the current usage yet. I'll see tomorrow.😅

@garritfra Website says " This node usage is at 5%" though

@benjaminpaikjones @nodq it represents the usage capacity of the Twitter API token behind the instance. I have a strong suspicion that the 5% is not up to date.

@garritfra @benjaminpaikjones @nodq I went and followed like 50 accounts I copied over from my old Twitter account. I haven't seen a bridged Tweet from this instance yet. Maybe I'm part of the problem, but I didn't see any rules. Just being transparent.

If it's a capacity problem, perhaps I could host my own private bridge tool I suppose.

@greypilgrim @garritfra @benjaminpaikjones The account we try to follow do not get "accepted" somehow by the instance. Could be a wrong setting or whatever, or the server is at its limits already, so you have to wait for it.

I did try the instance of the dev of birdsite. This one works so far. But I would be happy to use the other one if possible, I think its not good of everybody uses one instance only.

@nodq @greypilgrim @benjaminpaikjones yep, 50 accounts is wayyyy too much. Though it's not stated anywhere what the limits are, you're right.

Setting up your own instance would be great. Can I tell people some to migrate over to your instance once you're set up?

@garritfra @nodq @benjaminpaikjones We’ll see if I set one up after I look into the effort. No tweets have come in for me, so… not that compelling to tackle immediately.

@garritfra @nodq @benjaminpaikjones So it's C#, Postgres, and IIS, huh. Not too excited about that. I'll keep thinking about it though.

@benjaminpaikjones @garritfra An Instance is basicly a server that is hosting and providing the service we are talking about. In this case this here:

@kev @garritfra @person You guys are the fucking best, and I can say that a million times.

@kev @garritfra they are weak leave them behind in the trashfire that is twitter!

@kev @garritfra I visited, but I can't work out what it accomplishes for me, or exactly what it does.

What am I missing?

@RiderOfGiraffes @kev the idea is that you can follow <username> on fedi to see tweets from that twitter-user.
For example: @elonmusk

@garritfra @RiderOfGiraffes @kev

I've tried this. I've followed @colinthemathmo but tweets aren't appearing here.

Either I'm misunderstanding (likely) or it's not working.

I'm going off-line now, but I'll be back in 9 hours or so.

@ColinTheMathmo @RiderOfGiraffes you're using it correctly, but there seems to be an issue with the instance. @BirdsiteLIVE is investigating it.

@garritfra OK! I thought it was me, and while I'm sorry to hear there's a problem, I'm a little relieved, and look forward to seeing it fixed.

CC: @RiderOfGiraffes @BirdsiteLIVE

@kev @garritfra I really like birdsite, but it's not just the following of person X, it's of the possibility of interacting with them. I don't think birdsite addresses this.

I'm grateful to birdsite, though. It enables me to follow important feeds that aren't available anywhere else (like the public schools in the area. gah) I wish there could be some interaction in the other direction to let people know that Fediverse exists.

@bugaevc @js there's a bug in the instance. Should be fixed soon.

@kev @garritfra
Well,tried few Indian Twitter account
And the accounts showed but no posts or anything is shown:(

@Mastodonfoss only new tweets show up. You won't be able to see previous ones.

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