Internet cold callers and their constant requests for requests really grind my gears. Here's an interesting example I received recently...

@kev seriously, the only reasonable way to deal with those is just ignore (or mark as spam).

My question when I get those is always: okay, *why* do they want to boost their site ranking fast? Clearly they have some resources, and clearly they could invest them into producing good content instead?

The answer very often is: they're preparing a scam, and need a watering hole website with a reasonably good ranking.

I would bet that after a while the content there changes dramatically.


@rysiek oh yeah, absolutely. I never usually reply, they just get marked as spam. I just thought this one was so ballsey, I had to reply.

@kev yup, wasn't trying to suggest anyone did anything wrong (apart from the potential scammer). :blobmiou:

@kev oooh, another idea: if you get them often enough, take two of these and try to link one to the other.

Something like: "hey, thanks for reaching out. the blog post in question is already published and I'd prefer not to modify it, but I have this great other site, I could link to your site from there, Admin of"

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