I use a tool called TweetDelete that deletes my tweets once they become 6 months old.

Does a similar tool exist for Mastodon?

<sigh> logged in 2018 and tagged with "needs API" so I assume the API isn't capable of deleting toots.

@kev probably not, but you can probably get someone to write it.


I know that people uses it but I don't so I don't know the name of the tool, sorry.

@kev @dmoonfire yeah I'm using it too, and it seems to be working pretty well :)

@kev I know of but I haven't tried it. Seems to be under active development though. Good luck!

@celia just set it up as someone else recommended it. Exactly what I needed. 😀

@rubenwardy @kev I really like the Tusky app, thus far, it's the best one that I've found.

@kev I developped cleantoots right for this use case :) It's a program you can run on your computer, doesn't require you to trust a third party.

@kev It can be configured to protect some toots based on id, tags, number of favorites, number of boosts. And it obviously supports multiple instances.

@kev Glad you like it! 😊 Please message me if you need help setting it up or if you discover some weird behavior! 😉

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