@kev a beautiful reply to a well worn, over popularized and uneducated mentality.

@kev You beat me to it. I just posted the same thing.

@kev Although it is interesting that Linus says here the list is not the place to discuss such an issue, just before discussing the issue in depth. And one can argue that also Linus is not an expert on this issue. Instead he could have just referred to a good source of trusted information written by someone competent in the matter.

@kev I first saw it shared as 'classic Linus', I was happily surprised when I read it.

@LovesTha yeah, I really don't think it is "classic Linus" He's not going mental - he's restrained, to the point and entirely appropriate IMO.

@kev yeah, this is a good version of him. He has learned some lessons.

"please keep your insane and technical incorrect anti VAX theories to yourself"

That's a meme

@kev just that first sentence from his reply was enough to sustain me :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

@kev I have to disagree. While he's correct that these matters shouldn't be mentioned on technical channels, Linus is dead wrong in his argument. Clearly he doesn't understand what mRNA is and how it works. The mRNA just delivers the payload - new DNA instructions - and then the mRNA disovles. The body then produces what the new DNA payload said to produce. Sadly, what it will produce is poisonous to the human body.

@danielfgom ...and I'm supposed to believe a random Bitchute video why?

Note: I haven't watched the video, so I have no idea what it says.

@kev You don't have to believe anything until you watch it. Then make up your mind. It basically takes a scientific look at what exactly the vaccine does and what some of the reported side effects have been. Some pretty serious side effects tbh. I found it informative even if it wasn't my style of video.


And if you insist on believing in the crazy conspiracy theories, at
least SHUT THE HELL UP about it on Linux kernel discussion lists.

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