@meisam that did cross my mind, I have to be honest!

@kev Not popping up when I browse the page, if I'm honest :-P

@proactiveservices there are no popups on my site. This isn't a popup, it's an inline div.

Example: kevq.uk

@kev I'm not sure what sort of web utopia you're building, but with the wave aesthetic I'd go with rounded.

@proactiveservices that#s what started the thought - straight edges and waves go against one another, I think.

@kev I should point out I have almost zero design talent whatsoever, so you may wish to read any comment I make in a mirror, while upside-down.

I like the square, although the rounded corners are a softer look

@kev I've come to the conclusion that even if you want a 'square look' then even in that case a slight rounding off of sharp corners is always much better looking.

Sharp squares are always harder on the eyes I think.

@kev Depends! Needs to fit the design as a whole.

As such, you got wavy lines on that page, which suggests rounded. However, on other subpages you have everything appear rectangular in the main part of the page.

So I since the landing page allows more freedom (using the waves) while still suggesting consistency, I would go with rounded corners to stay consistently curvy within that page.

@floppy or…change the waves to angles, like I just did. 😁

@kev Very well. Then I'd stick to rectangular rectangles. :-)

If I may suggest, I would consider adding one more corner to the replaced wave. (Such that no pair of angles and line lengths is equal.) I imagine this could look more lively, but that's just a guess.

@kev probably should’ve been a poll, but I prefer rounded

@binyamin I mean, isn’t it obvious? Just trying to canvas for people’s opinion on rounded vs square.

@kev lol, I meant visually. What will surround that component?

@binyamin it’s a subscribe box that’s on various places on my site. Bottom of posts, my homepage, newsletter page etc.

@kev The rest of your site is clean-cut. I would go with square, for consistency.

@kev Rounded, but I like my buttons to be a part of the input box, like right next to it with no gap, and the touching edges of the input box and button aren't rounded

@kev Since I've been with Fosstodon, I've learned: Kev loves change. So start with round and then change to square? 😉

@pantos ha ha I just like fiddling around with my site. 😊

@kev why not both? Text box square and button rounded? :thonking:

@kev Rounded is safer, someone could have their eye out.

@pre oooo good point! Always have to think about my visitor’s safety!

@kev square is definitely my preference here. I see the community disagrees though, haha. Not sure why, but I think it seems leaner and more simplistic, which is how I like things.

@kev I like windows ui better, so i'll say square

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