This is fantastic news, but the pessimist in me can’t help but think that they will still find a way to weasel out of the taxes.

@kev at least it won't be that easy now ^^" (trying to be somewhat optimistic here).

Sometimes I do wonder just how much money the likes of amazon and co. spend to not pay taxes anywhere. Seems to be a good deal though...

@kev yeah, many lawyers and accountants will profit from all the extra consultancy. That's about it.

@kev and if that doesn't happen, prices will increase.

@kev Yeah, as I heard on the news, "it will be harder".

@kev What exactly are you hoping for? What makes this fantastic news?

@iooioio the fact that large corporations that currently avoid paying any tax on millions(billions?) of £ in profit will now hopefully be held to account and have to pay something.

@kev To what end? What do you mean with "holding to account"? A corporation isn't a human being, it's just a concept.

If this leads to a corporation paying more taxes on its profit, there will be less left for investors. So to maintain a stable ROI, those in charge will be under even more pressure to squeeze out more profit. Perhaps by a combination of the following: (1/2)

@iooioio > “A corporation isn’t a human”

Please don’t be pedantic, you know exactly what I meant by the comment. If you want to be pedantic, Reddit will be more than happy to listen, I’m sure.

With regards to your other comments, we will have to wait and see.

@kev Yes, only time will tell. I meant no offense. Sorry if I came across as snarky. My point is that the system is broken. I don't think tweaking the tax rate (up or down) will fix anything. Not even a little bit.

- increasing prices for consumers
- reducing quality of products
- decreasing wages of employees
- increasing workload of employees

None of these prospects has me particularly thrilled. (2/2)

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