Took the day off work today, been thinking about selling my motorbike as I don’t really get time to ride it (<1000 miles/year the last 2 years). Decided to take the bike out to try and help me make the decision.

Did around 180 miles around Wales, most of it inside Snowdonia. I won’t be selling it, and I need to make more time for riding! 🏍

@kev I regret selling mine. Many a time I’ve thought that a good blap around the Yorkshire Dales would sort my head out.

@jamie that’s exactly what it did. What bike did you have?

@jamie I’ve always liked the FZ models. Why did you get rid?

@kev I got knocked off it and struggled to get my confidence back. Seemed daft at the time to have it in the garage when I wasn’t using it, but I should have waited a bit longer.

I’ll get another, but still a few years away realistically.

@kev 😮 That was eerily similar to mine. Thankfully no broken bones, but the driver wrote off her Audi TT 😁

@kev I feel this for sure, i miss my bikes so much

People spend much more for things that make them less happy. Do not sell. Or buy a classic old BSA, Triumphbor Norton.

@rudolf I’m thinking about getting an Enfield next year.

@kev @rudolf on the Dallas TX freeways I'd feel like a sitting duck on anything less than my 600cc R6.

I may get an MT-09 next but sitting up straight with wind directly on your entire body seems like it might be a bit of a nuisance.

@TheRealClay I have an MT09 Tracer (think it’s an FJ09 over there?) it’s a fantastic engine. Tonnes of fun! Not silly BHP, and totally useable on the road.


@kev @rudolf If I get a sport touring bike the Yamaha Tracer will definitely be the one, but if I go with a naked bike it'll be MT-07 or 09.

@kev @rudolf The wife's father had an Enfield 500 - It was glorious for about 18 months then spontaneously disintegrated in a pile of rust.

@david apparently that’s improved, plus I’m a fair weather rider these days, so I don’t think rust will be an issue for me. 😊


@kev What sort of bike do you have? I'm wanting to get into riding.

@parker and you definitely should get into riding, it’s fantastic.

@kev Yeah, I owned a couple Honda dirtbikes when I was younger, but want to get into riding more seriously.
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