My mum: Kevin (that’s what she calls me) you’re the only person I have on blue WhatsApp [Signal] and you don’t message me that often. I’m deleting it, I’ll text you instead.

Me: NO! Don’t text me! I’ll put green WhatsApp back on my phone.

So it looks like I’m back on WhatsApp purely because of my old dear. 🤦‍♂️

@kev that sucks; at least you've been off WhatsApp 🙊

@kev BTW, what is the problem with regular texting? Lack of E2E encryption? 🤔

@ghost_letters they’re plaintext and easily sniffed by the carriers.

@kev Feel your pain. Have to have green WhatsApp for work. Because most of the people in my country are really good at complaining and raising issues, but horrible at taking action. Even when a clearly superior alternative exists.
At the very least I have Whatsapp and Instagram Sandboxed with no contacts and a VPN redirect. So though data does get mined,, it would be mostly false data.

@ArtPunk I love that you called it “green WhatsApp” 😂😂

@ArtPunk @kev also use green WhatsApp for work. Luckily I have a separate work phone, but that only partly mitigates it.

@swansinflight @kev kinda feel it could technically be a better method than mine.

@ArtPunk @kev work supplies the phone, so wasn’t a big deal. Samsung S7 for work, and iphone SE (original sized one) for personal. Which also means I get to test apps for both platforms for things like fediverse apps. And most suck… actually thats not true; most lack polish. But I am deviating from your point here lol

@kev could you message your mum more often on blue WhatsApp?

@tscho nah. I much prefer to talk to her than text. It’s not a huge problem to be honest. I only usually text things like “are you home at x time? We’d like to pop down for a coffee”

Anything more than that, I call her.

@tscho also “blue WhatsApp” I love that people are using my mum’s vernacular. 😂😂

@kev Family is why I use WhatsApp too, and my wife is the Facebook representative. Despite the things said about FB, she has helped reunite several neighbours with lost pets via the platform.

@kev same thing happened with my grandparents :(
getting them on blue whatsapp was easy because my grandfather is super paranoid about digital stuff but it only took a week for them to be back on green whatsapp because all their relatives were still on it

@kev I told my parents that Facebook will kick me out of Whatsapp because I won't accept their crappy terms (which I won't) so they installed Signal. Also luckily my sisters are there too for the same reason, so there's more of a family-wide network effect, so let's hope the blue will remain :)

@ttiurani yeah if you get enough it will work fine. I got my wife onto Wire, but no one else followed, and now she wont change to matrix or anything because she already has Wire 🤦‍♂️

I mean it works, but notifications are not reliable.

@kev i have migrated my near family members to the other green whatsapp (element of matrix). im the only one for them obv, so they gonna stay.

@raavan @kev
Yeah, the other green (not so shinny green but better) is (former Riot). Using matrix is like IRC with e2e cypher for me.

When I stopped using green WhatsApp, I moved on to Wire (mm... 'white WhatsApp' sounds a bit sensitive)

I then helped family install it across all their devices, mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops, and set up a 'family's group.

Sadly this means I have very few excuses when I ignore them...

@Jase I used wire for a while, it was very good, I just didn’t know anyone on it.

Wire is mostly excellent, occasionally it suffers compression on the free service, but the paid for service is priced too high for me

@kev Same issue here - I use WhatsApp to speak to 3 people, who are the 3 people I will never be able to convert to Signal :/

@kev I remember the times when one could camouflage Firefox as IE. Iconset and all the other things.

@kev I'm confused. Why is green WhatsApp better than blue WhatsApp?

@mike @kev because everyone is already in Green WhatsApp.
Mom doesn't want to install something that she won't use much.

When I left Green WhatsApp, I managed to bring my family to the Blue one, they are still using it (although dad prefers calls)

I also managed to bring my girlfriend and some other people I know to the Blue WhatsApp, they all are using it, but it is inconvenient for them as they get delayed notification or none at all, so I only have a couple of people who frequently use it.

@CodingOtaku Of course, this is the reason everybody is on Green WhatsApp. Going back to it just adds another person to the collective, making it even more difficult for other people to leave it. It's a self-perpetuating cycle.


@mike @kev And this is why I am being suborn when it comes to using apps & services, I degoogled my phone, installed custom ROM, and started using F-Droid for almost everything.

When someone asks me to use Green WhatsApp, I can simply say I don't have play store and redirect them to the "contact-me" page on my website instead.

They are welcome to choose whatever they want from the list :blobcatcomfysmirk:

This also helps one to avoid distractions, no more forced family/company groups chats.

@TheFreePenguin According to @kev (or his mum), blue WhatsApp is Signal.

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