It’s a really shame that Keybase has seemed to have ceased development, I still use it most days though as it’s a great product. Maybe the team will loop back to Keybase once they’re done with Zoom? 🤷‍♂️

By the way, if anyone has any Lumens hanging around their Keybase account that they don’t want, feel free to send them to me. My Keybase username is kevq 😁

@kev I liked keybase a lot. I dropped it after the Zoom acquisition. I learned a lesson about trusting centralised services.

Now, people could argue I'm making the same mistake right now by using Signal, and they would be right.

I don't have keybase installed anywhere anymore, and recovering my keys so I could send you my coins would require me to resurrect the hard drive on my old machine in the office, and I think that'd take more effort than I'm willing to spend. Sorry about that. I'll keep it in mind if I ever try to boot it in the future.


I have over $130 in Lumens that I totally forgot that I had...thanks for reminding me that they exist. 😄
Now I just need to find where the hell I can spend them...🤔

@ScottMortimer export them to Binance. From there you can see them to your local currency and withdraw the funds.

@ScottMortimer I donated all my lumens tot several charities and foundations that accept them, including Tails and Freedom of Press.


@kev I lost interest in them went they started with that cryptocurrency thingy

@symmetrizer @kev I lost interest in Keybase as soon as I realised they were encouraging people to upload their private keys.

@kev What makes you think Keybase has ceased development? (honest question)

@floppy it feels like there’s been no updates to the service, or the client spice they were taken over. I could be wrong, but they used to be really quick to iterate and seems to be no longer the case.

@floppy Zoom took over in May 2020, there have been 3 releases since then. Before that releases were at least monthly.

@kev Thanks for clarifying!

Indeed, when checking the general activity of the team on Github it looks pretty quiet in general.

The last blog entry was the one on Zoom. Hm. :/

@kev I traded my lumens for ethereum... Now they're worth $1500!

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