Folks who write serious blog posts, what's your writing process? What do you like the most, hate the most?

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@ru at a high level, my process consists of the following:

1) I get an idea and add a draft title to either my note taking app (Standard Notes) or a quick draft in WP.

2) I then take the draft title and flesh it out into a few bullets containing the main point of the article.

3) If at this point I’m happy, I write a draft. If I’m not happy, I ditch it.

4) Once the draft is done I leave it for a day or two, then come back to it and edit it.

5) I publish.

@kev @ru. Mine is almost exactly the same as Kev's -except steps 1 & 2 usually take place in the evenings after a good meal and a bottle of wine. Step 4 doesn't exist, and there are no drafts and no editing.

Unless I'm being paid of course, in which case I assume that someone else will edit it before publishing.

Things I hate: Nothing.
Things I like: being able to make a modest living from doing something I really enjoy doing.
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