Been updating my blogroll. It now includes podcasts and newsletters too.

@kev RSS feeds! Good that people still use them, some blogs have gotten rid of the feature.

@kev My original blog was deleted (censorship!) but I moved it to :flan_laugh:

@kev I'll subscribe to your blog. Looks like we have many similar interests.

@calculsoberic @kev One of the great things about RSS is that it's on by default in most content management systems and even the default template for many SSGs.

The majority of sites publish RSS feeds whether they realise it or not. RSS is my main mode of media consumption :)

@david yup. Sometimes it means digging into the HTML header, but you can often find a link in there somewhere.


@kev I think the RSS feed for podcast `Serial` is

Pretty good selection, might I suggest `Security Now` from @leo and Steve Gibson? Website is and RSS is

@RyuKurisu thanks for the Serial RSS feed, I just added it. I used to listen to Security Now, many moons ago. Haven't listened for quite some time, I'll give it another look.


@kev I merged all your podcast links into a single Quanta subscription, then gave it a node name, shared to public, and here's the final result:

@jle you mean tell me you don't post about "online tends"?? 😉

@kev no risky biz ? it can be slight *too* close to work sometimes ...

@tomdeb yeah, I still listen to it occasionally, but as you say it’s a little too close to work, so I tend not to listen to it that often.

Darknet Diaries is also close to work, but it’s less…”corporate?” (I think). I don’t know what it is about DnD, I just really enjoy the stories.

I may add Risky Biz though, as it is a great podcast.

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