Wife: “Kev, why don’t you book Friday off and we can do something nice while the kids are in school.”

So I do, and we book a spa day. Really looking forward to it…

Kids come home tonight, both with a cough and temperatures. Off for COVID tests tomorrow and the spa is pretty much out the window.


@kev Funny how the universe works sometimes. >_< Hope the kids feel better soon.

@kev rough! That pretty much sums up parenthood some days...

@kev did you get your jab(s) yet?
Gods protect your children, go with our strength behind you.

@kev Hope everyone feels better and you two don't get sick!

@kev I hope the kids get well fast. Its always important to have time for your relationship.

@kev The joys of parenting. Hopefully just a minor infection that will have cleared up by Friday. I keep my fingers crossed!

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