I’m compiling a list of what makes unstable/frustrating compared . If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share them below. 😊

@Coneng @kev yeah, I'm so used to my Manjaro that Windows' slow speed always takes me by surprise. I'm also surprised by how *patient* Windows users are. When the desktop appears I'm already impatiently clicking around but they leave it to "start up" for 5-10 minutes before attempting to open, say, the web browser (which is a whole other operation).

I dual-booted Manjaro on my friend's Windows laptop, and it was so much speedier she's never looked back since!

May I ask you when you used Windows last time? While I also prefer arch linux I still think Windows did improve. Usually it boots within 30 seconds I think
@Coneng @kev

@isaak I used Windows 10 on my friend's laptop a couple of months back, but it may have been an old version that hadn't been updated for a while. I can certainly see some improvement since Windows 8.

@Coneng @kev

@isaak @badrihippo @kev yes then after it boots, what happens once you login?
I use it in my work everyday.

@isaak @badrihippo @Coneng @kev Yes, but those fast booting features does not bring the ntfs filesystems in a real consistent state after shutdown. You cannot e.g. attach it normally via ntfs-3g, if you dont clicked shift-shutdown in windows before.

And if you do this, shutdown and boot process after that is actually quite slow.

@kev Been a while since I used windows, but those annoying updates you cannot reschedule comes to mind. I like to control when my computer does something.

@oysmal @kev I’ll second that. It pains me when I leave an upload or process running overnight only to find in the morning my PC has restarted.

I know, I can click around in the advanced settings and pause that, but I fail to see why I should use a workaround for something which should be a default.

I’d also add the need for connectivity. If an app / OS flips out or stops working if it can’t phone home to the mothership, I am not a fan.

I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 from a recent iso, I was shocked at how much it has improved in relation to hardware detection and network device detection.

If it was not for the invasive use of telemetry and its overt inbuilt spyware I would say its not at all bad

Of course in terms of a relative comparison to Ubuntu, NixOS, Arch, Pop!_OS or FreeBSD its heavy, slow to boot and has a poor UX

But still, if not for all the added free of charge crud itd actually be acceptable.

@kev Windows feels like it was designed solely for desktop machines that are left on 24/7. If you have a laptop, be prepared for Windows to eat away at your resources and battery life doing who knows what in the background because it can't do it all in the limited idling time laptops usually have. It's even worse if you only have a HDD and don't use Windows as your main OS, since it can quickly get behind on updates and other services putting you in perpetual update hell.

@moddedBear @kev Any OS should be installed on a SSD for years, but W10 really is a nightmare on HDD.

@kev The app you're trying to install isn't a verified app from the Store

@kev @textovervideo I don't have that with software coming from Chocolatey 🤔 (or I/management disabled that nonsense straightaway).

@textovervideo @kev do sou see the small text bwlow that? you can disable those.

@textovervideo @kev 🤔 Wow, I've legitimately never seen this one 🤔 Is this maybe from WinRT or Windows 10X?

@brandon @kev this is from Windows 10. I actually thought most people encountered the "The app you're trying to install isn't a verified app from the Store" because it occurs frequently when installing FOSS software.

@textovervideo @kev I installed windirstat and Greenshot with no message such as this

@kev I was messing around in the audio settings, trying to get a microphone to work.
For some reason, the pop up volume slider dissapeared forever, rebooting did nothing and its the kind of problem that you will never find by googling it.
I ended up spending a couple hours downloading and burning an ISO, and reinstalling it once again. Also, my volume is now super low, as if the connector itself burned or failed or something after plugging the mic. Now I have to use an external audio card.

@joeligj12 …and I assume your mic works out of the box under Linux?

@kev Haven't tried it, tbh it probably wouldn't either xD. But I know it probably wouldn't break my jack port

@kev Honestly. I don't even get what happened. I didn't care about the mic. All I know is that I plugged it, didn't work, I plugged headphones and they now had a very low volume.
And my volume pop up dissapeared.
Yeah that's the tldr

@JodiFOSSter @kev yeah, Bluetooth stuff works, this happened a year and a half ago, so I pretty much gave up on a fix

@joeligj12 @kev "never give up! trust your instincts!"
-lessons from starfox64

@textovervideo haha I mean, we all know what the fix for that is.

@kev impossibility to load/unload drivers. I won't complain about terrible system debug, although it is. it also has ugly inner architecture.
and windoze is TERRIBLY slow. it's slow starting from the processing of bus interrupts and up to end-user software.
it also has terrible priority of network over everything else and if the network is busy the system simply hangs up. and one cannot choose the scheduler in it.
thank goodness I don't have to deal with it any longer.

@iron_bug @kev Not sure what you're referring to about not being able to load or unload drivers? You can install and uninstall drivers at ease, even "remove" a device until next boot. I'm sure there's some command that allows you to blacklist a device too

@brandon @kev on running system. load, reload with other params, remove, install. whatever.
@brandon @kev I just wrote drivers and drivers development on windoze is a PAIN. this is absolutely twisted process and system debug there is terrible. on Linux this is easy and pleasant way. so I shifted to Linux many years ago and since I have never even seen Windoze and I am happy.

@kev Windows registry. What a clusterf*ck!

thankfully Linux doesn't need things like this.

@unicornfarts @kev Nah it's just a network of config files accross the entirety of your file system.

Wait, was that one in ~/.config? Or was it in /etc? Oh, that one's in /opt/transsmission-daemon/etc/transmission-daemon/config? CRAP, this one was in /etc/systemctl.d/ not /etc/sysconfig

I really wish MS would just put all the settings in one place though instead of having the Settings app + Control Panel

@kev As someone who dislikes Windows, the length of the list heavily depends on what distro you're comparing to.

Between Windows and, say, Oasis, I'll take Oasis every time. Between Windows and Ubuntu? Honestly, no idea which I'd pick.

@pixelherodev @kev I never heard of Oasis, I'll go check it out 😊👍

@pixelherodev that’s a really interesting perspective. Could you elaborate on why it’s so tight between Ubuntu and Windows please?

@kev Both have atrocious UI/UX, and appear to be designed under the assumption that pretty icons is all that's needed for a good UI. Security of both is a *joke*. Both are exceedingly bloated.

If I'm on either one, I'll spend 99% of my time in SSH or drawterm, so why do I care what OS the host happens to be running?

@kev For me, it was the inability to disable Windows Defender. It was such a poorly developed antivirus program that slowed down my computer by orders of magnitude. Back when I used to game, if I was experiencing major lag, it was because Windows Defender was doing some massive scan I couldn’t disable.

I NEED to have the final say when it comes to what my computer runs, and when it runs it.

@kev bloatware that gets reinstalled with every update

@kev Unstable? Horrid process management and a 20+ year-old registry system.

Frustrating? It's basically the go-to, A1 requirement for a lot of government compliance stuff because it's all that the govt's own tools are developed for that people outside the Fed have to work with... or get fined/arrested/shut down.

Makes interfacing with them REQUIRE Win10... don't even get me started on legacy compatibility layers. That's a dark, dirty place indeed.

@surendrajat very comprehensive list!

@kev I'm not saying Linux is perfect, and some Windows behaviours are actually coming over to Linux (apparently KDE Neon?* requires reboots when there is no technical reason to do so). But my biggest gripes with Windows is:
1) all the unneeded and often difficult to remove software that gets added again after updates
2) inconsistent UI, and the old UI has more options and takes precedence
3) required reboots after updates!

@RyuKurisu @surendrajat @kev

The offlines update which are in KDE Neon avoid bugs by installing updates in a minimal state and rebooting.

This avoids the common bugs that may happen when you change libraries being used. Breaking ABI and/or API while an application is using a library is frankly unnaceptable and I don't know why the Linux community ever thought this was a sane idea tbqh.

According to a KDE developer, this has resulted in hundreds if not thousands of bugs over the years.

@RyuKurisu @surendrajat @kev

GNOME has done this on Fedora for a while too. It might seem backwards but it's honestly very sane.

- Automatic updates that force you to shutdown your PC.
- Bloat. Who needs Candy Crush on a newly installed system?!

@kev Most people use it wrong or don't fully know how to use it? I mean, are we seriously saying that things like audio editing, video editing and configuring UI is *easier* on Linux?

I mean, that's a deep pull of the Kool Aid.

Windows is far from perfect. No giant, old code base is. The fact that I can still run stuff from ancient times with minimal issues is actually near miraculous. I can't even get old games to work on Linux without the whole GCC toolchain from that era in a jailed chroot.

@kev Windows Update. This thing broke my system so many times that I got sick of it and started using GNU/Linux as my main OS

@kev I posted something similar on my blog recently. One thing that’s really annoying is the constant nag to use their cloud. I don’t want OneDrive. And I don’t want ads in a commercial OS. And why do most updates require a reboot? Or multiple reboots? Microsoft and Apple appear to believe it’s their computer, not mine. That’s unacceptable to me.

@kev I think it's ridiculous that Linux comes with the software to decompress just about any archive file (.zip, .7z, .rar, etc.) but to decompress anything other than a zip file on Windows, you need to download separate software. You'd think an OS that's been around for over 35 years and has so much market share would be capable of doing that out of the box.

@gortbrown ha! That’s a good one! Also, why no tabs in explorer??

@kev the ubiquitous, mandatory updates. And you’re going to have to reboot at some point, so you’ll get the update then whether you like it or not.

@kev Too much of the Win10 UI is blinding white with not enough visual clues as to structure and function.

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