@kev I stopped using startpage because they were acquired by an advertising company.

@cyrus @twann @FreeBooteR69 @kev
thanks, i will try out whoogle, looks very promising!
never heard before....

@pocketvj @kev I wish there was one I really trust, but there is duck duck go, or searX

@FreeBooteR69 @pocketvj @kev after the startpage move, I decided to change it with metagear

@castrillo @FreeBooteR69 @kev
metager does not work for me, it does not even list my website when typing in pocketvj..... but the whoogle results are crazy good

@FreeBooteR69 I think that's akin to cracking walnuts with a sledgehammer. :-)

This has more info: blog.privacytools.io/relisting

@kev I don't trust Startpage or Duckduckgo. Searx is the only acceptable option.

There are other free (as in freedom) alternatives, like YaCy, but it isn't good enough although the idea behind it is brilliant.

@werwolf @kev I had a #searx instance for a while and it was nice. @Mojeek has been my default for the last 5-6 months now with DDG as a backup.

I think Mojeek is the only one with an independent crawler too. DDG uses Yahoo, Start page Google, SwissCows Bing, and SearX is a meta-engine.
That said, I use a hosted SearX and make sure most of those are sources because Mojeek hasn't indexed enough in my locales yet to meet my needs consistently.
@kev @werwolf @Mojeek

@aaravchen @jawsh @kev @werwolf DDG is Bing + Yandex; we actually maintain a resource here that illustrates it all with a nice visual searchenginemap.com/

And @jawsh, thanks for your support 🙏

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