Question for the users out there who are much more knowledgable on all this than me...

I have a number of apps open on boot, but they all open as windows, so my screen is filled with windows that I then need to close.

What I would like to do is open these apps straight to the system tray, not as windows. In Ubuntu, it did this automatically. Can I do this in KDE?

If it helps, I'm running Kubuntu 20.04.


@kev You can use Kwin's Window Rules to apply settings to all windows or just to certain applications. There is a checkbox for 'Minimized' and there should be a dropdown entry 'Apply initially' :kubuntu:
Please let me know if that works as expected

@totoroot I have no idea what that is or how to manage that. I'm VERY new to KDE.

@totoroot @kev minimized is not system tray. to my knowledge this only works if the apps support being minimized to the tray by themselves, usually using a command line flag. There also used to be a script that did this for any app, but last time i checked it was broken.

@piggo the problematic applications are MatterMost and the Private Internet Access VPN client. I know the latter has a quiet flag, and I have that set, but KDE isn't honouring it for some reason. Like I said, both these applications start to the system tray in Ubuntu, so it's clearly possible.

@totoroot I'll take minimised as a stop-gap though. I've just done some searching for the Window Rules and think I've found a solution. Thanks for the tip!

@kev @piggo @totoroot Mattermost has a --hidden flas that should work. You will need to modify the mattermost Command in the kde Autostart settings to my understanding, maybe the Start Commando Form the APP menu aswell

@baschi29 didn't work unfortunately. I wonder if it's something to do with the fact I'm using the snap?

@piggo @totoroot

@kev RMB on the application window title bar -> More Actions -> Special Window|Application Settings...

@kev Do they autostart, i.e. are listed in the 'Autostart' settings or are they opened as part of the session restore, i.e. started because they were open when you shut down?

@nicofee Mattermost has the “launch on startup”checkbox enabled, but doesn’t appear in autostart. PIA appears in autostart.

@kev Please check if running `/snap/bin/mattermost-desktop --hidden` works as expected.

It does not for me, but maybe that's because I'm not logged into any server


Try in KDE-Plasma settings > Start up and Shutdown > Autostart

Select Add Program, then navigate to the app and select it, you can edit the command to add any switches. It needs after


@kev here's what I found:
- There is no generic "autostart to tray" thing and I fail to see how that would work technically without being a giant hack
- Mattermost Snap does not appear in the Autostart config list because Snap is being special (sigh) and has the relevant files in a non-standard location
- Mattermost removed the --hidden flag and the autostart without window behavior intentionally
- PIA autostarts with --quiet and that works fine for me on Kubuntu 21.04

@nicofee I don’t know what to tell you, but it works just fine in Ubuntu Gnome. 😊

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