Been on about a week now. I think I’ve found my new home - I’m REALLY liking it so far.

@kev How is kde? I only ever used it on Debian almost a year ago but did not like it. Thinking about trying kde again.

@jason123santa like I said, I really like it. Will probably write something about it soon.

@ray a number of things, but mostly the performance, the polish and the work flow.

@kev Kubuntu's good I guess, but I like Fedora better

@kev KDE Plasma is very nice! Have tried different things over the years, but I always go back to Plasma.
Currently running Manjaro and KDE Neon. If one of them blow up, I will probably try Kubuntu or Fedora.


Kubuntu is a good implementation of KDE Plasma, works well and I like the fact there was a 'minimal' install option.

For years I used to use Arch + KDE Plasma, but have felt no desire to go back from Kubuntu.

The absolute best thing about KDE Plasma is know configurable it is

You can use its defaults and it works well, if you want a global menu, you can have it. If you want to remove all panels and use key bindings only, yup thats easy to do too.

Per application window placement, multiple desktops, removal of window decorations, all easy.

I look forward to your blog entry about your KDE
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