@kev has always looked beautiful for me. But for some reason, whenever I come to try it, the appeal doesn't last... could rice the missing factor?

@kzimmermann @kev I have to agree. I find some click targets to be small and awkward. And the workflow on the file manager to be confusing. I tried and tried but it's not for me

@MrDers @kzimmermann interesting. I can't say I've found any of these issues, but I've only been using it for an hour or so. So far, I'm liking it, but we shall see if it annoys me.

I have very minimal needs though - so long as I can launch my stuff with the keyboard, I'm usually good.

@kzimmermann @kev I didn't seriously try out KDE before I was already sullied by windowmanagers, so I never managed to get into it :p

@kev indeed, KDE always has been looked really elegant and beautiful I remember the first KDE release, even I have the official cd image, from those times. :kde:

@kev I realy love KDE Plasma. Although not on Ubuntu, I am running it on Fedora.

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