Took Kubuntu for a quick spin this morning and found 2 issues pretty quickly that are immediate deal breakers for me:

1) There doesn't seem to be any way to connect to a hidden SSID from the GUI.

2) It won't allow me to set the super key as the shortcut for the app menu.

Am I missing something here, or is my KDE journey dead before it's begun?

@kev On point 2, I’ve always had to set the app menu shortcut to Alt + F1. Super key works with that set.

@kev Point 1 seems to be a hidden option according to this Reddit post. (Unless it’s been shifted somewhere else.)

@lazylinux that's weird. So you set it to alt+f1 and super then works?

@kev Yeah. I remember on my Arch install I somehow lost the shortcut and struggled for ages.

This is the shortcut from my KDE Neon install currently.

@kev ksuperkey can help you with #2, and I'm sure you can work something out for #1 as well.

@kev For your first one, I don't think I've tried it, but doesn't that Hidden network checkbox pictured here work?

(Trying to be helpful, but this is the first think I've done after rolling out of bed so if it doesn't come across helpful I apologize.)

@kev As for your second point, I had the same issue, but I didn't put any thought into it until you mentioned it. I did set the Super + R as my run menu, and I use that most of the time so I didn't notice.

Supposedly, this comment tells you how:

@kev That does not look even slightly user friendly, admittedly. The easier answer I saw was to set the shortcut to CTRL-Esc and live with it.

I also found someone saying that you can ed-----------
That was wrong, but I found it! (See next post)

@kev Right click the launcher, go to Keyboard Shortcuts and set something, anything. Then Apply, then Super by itself works. (The code says to go look for something, and if it isn't set at all, it never triggers, even when Meta is set.)

@LexPendragon tried that. Could set the network up, but there was no option that I could find to actually connect to it.

@kev Clicking on your Network icon, then the hidden network settings, then connect didn't work?

(I believe you, I just don't have a hidden network to test and I would have expected it to have worked.)

@LexPendragon goddam it! There was a checkbox to say “hidden network” that I didn’t see. It’s now there and I can connect. Also, when I rebooted the live session, super key worked too.

Clearly it’s all user based, and this user is an idiot! 🤦‍♂️

@kev I always say that if the system isn't easy to use, that's still the fault of the system. Technically a pen can be substituted for a printer, but I don't know any users (who actually need a printer) who can work that way.

@SciencePhysicist it's not for the Kubuntu 20.04. Well, it wasn't for me at least haha.

I was surprised too, as that's usually an Ubuntu "thing" I thought.

@kev it's a KDE thing too, my Fedora and opensuse installs do it ootb

@SciencePhysicist yup. I rebooted back into the live environment and it was working as expected. No idea what happened. All fine now though.

@kev What madman uses the Super key for anything remotely common? Are your thumb in the middle of your hand or what? :D

@kev @hund I also use super key for this. A habit inherited from windows

@Metruzanca @kev @hund CTRL-ESC for me. From the days before the super key existed.

@hund Ctrl-Space for ULauncher. Those are my most used keyboard shortcuts, other than CTRL-ALT-N to move my wallpaper to the next random selection.

@Metruzanca @kev

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