Thinking about taking KDE Neon for a spin. Haven’t used KDE for a long time, but I prefer a Windows-like workflow (except with the taskbar on top).

Anything I should be aware of?

Note: not looking for recommendations of other distros.

@kev Dig through all the settings once. You will find real gems in there hidden in submenus.

@AaronTheIssueGuy @kev This, and don't forget to mess around with your panel widgets and settings too. You can get just about any workflow on KDE with some tinkering.

@AaronTheIssueGuy @kev This so much! While the out of the box #KDE feel is nice it is really meant to be tweaked and modified to your tastes.
KDE is great, Neon is briliant but only uses KDE components, be prepared to be amazed by many things, then be crushed with disappointment by kmail and the PIM apps

Then realise all is good because Thunderbird can be installed from their website and placed in ~/.local/bin/

@Jase ah, I’m a webmail guy anyway. I gave up on local email clients in Linux a long time ago. 😔


I guess I'm old school, having multiple email accounts across different hosts, I need a good local email client with a universal inbox and easy folder management

I have not (as yet) been able to best the experience offered by Thunderbird.

I know many folks are praising mailspring as an alternative, although that requires an online sign up to use a local application, which strikes me as a potential leverage point not disimilar to a form of DRM.

@Jase yeah mailsrping never say right with me - the need for them to sit as a proxy is...I

I use Zoho and pipe all my domains there, so I can send/receive email on multiple accounts through their webUI.

I use paid Zoho to host one of my domains, I could use them in the same way for all my domains, but prefer the segregation of data across different storage 'buckets'

While Zoho's web mail is OK, I prefer Thunderbirds UI. It also works well with Zoho's calendar app

I also keep local backup copies of my emails, providing me with different locations for the original emails (2 separate accounts, 1 zoho and a GMC account), local copies on my laptops via Thunderbird and I use K9 on my android.

I much prefer Aerc as a terminal mail client, although I have used I've used Mutt, Neomutt, Pine, Alpine, cone, mail, mailx, s-nail, and dabbled with edbrowse

Although as a desktop mail app Thunderbird has a better user experience and is more accessible than the terminal apps mentioned


Not sure if icons only taskbar is the default plasmoid but be sure to set that for a clean look.

@kev I mainly use XFCE but I have been playing with KDE lately and honestly, I like it.
Note: even tho you're not looking for recommendations, for me Kubuntu seemed to run smoother vs KDE Neon.
@kev the system in general just seemed snappier, at least on the old junker I tested on.

@jawsh been reading up, maybe Kubuntu is the better choice.

@kev IMO Kubuntu was the better of the two. I know you was not looking for distro suggestions but I'm pretty sure KDE Neon is based on Ubuntu, so does itbreally count?

I use Kubuntu (20.10), as it is not quite so tied to KDE only apps

If you are now open to distro suggestion, I'd also suggest Kubuntu in preference to Neon

Neon is a rolling DE over an older stable Ubuntu base, newer hardware may have issues (my thinkpad e14 did not like it)

I used to really dislike the Ubuntu distros, but these days, they are pretty good


@Jase @jawsh been doing some research, I think Kubuntu may be the better option over neon.

@jawsh @kev not sure how that would be, they're virtually the same. Same base, just different KDE repo. Technically Neon is going to have the latest upstream fixes

@kev last time i tried neon it said smthn abt squashfs error in the console after shutdown so... yeah. Besides, it's just Kubuntu Sid

@kev install konsave and create different versions of your configs and rollback when needed:

@kev some non-KDE Qt apps (e.g. telegram) cannot be installed via apt on KDE Neon. You will have to install them via flatpak or snap. This because KDE ships newer Qt version on Neon, but the apps depend on the older one, that comes from the Ubuntu repos.

@kev every time I give KDE a chance the performance disappoints me. It never feels as snappy as I expect...

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