Oh man, my main desktop has decided to stop loading the kernel for some reason. All I'm getting is a GrUB prompt.

I've been thinking about flipping back to Ubuntu Mate for a while now, I suppose this is the kick I needed...


And I'm done. As expected, everything was really straightforward in - just need my files to sync now.

@pantos @kev resize your root part, add a new part, mount it at /mnt, cp -r /home/* /mnt, edit your fstab to mount the new part at /home, reboot

@TheFreePenguin @kev Thx! So far I have not thought about it so much, but sounds very reasonable!

@pantos on my Synology - so everything is in the SynologyDrive folder.

@kev Do you sync your entire /home/? Or are you working in the synology sync folder only?

@kev Mate is one of the most stable distros out there.

@adam99 it is. I ran for around 3 years with absolutely no issues.

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