I've decided to go all out and completely change the look of my site. Got a bit sick of it being boring.

What do you think?

@kev I just love the new theme. And that Burger :P I am getting interested in Web Design, can you suggest some resource(s) for learning CSS.

@proton I just research it - DDG is your friend! There’s lots of amazing blogs out there that explain this kind of thing. But I just got stuck in then searched “how to do x” when I got stuck. over time my knowledge has grown on the topic.

@kev @proton interesting that you're using DDG for development queries. My main job is in software engineering, I had to move away from DDG because it was difficult to find answers to development based questions. Has DDG improved since I last used it?

@theselfhostingblog @proton it’s hit and miss. If I don’t get what I need, I prefix the query with "!s" so it gives me startpage (basically Google) results. It’s no big deal and still private.

The next question will be “why not use startpage in the first place?” I don’t like the UX/UI.

@kev @theselfhostingblog I can relate :D Startpage comes in handy when I crave for G results.

@kev @theselfhostingblog Sure I will look into It. You are right about the blogs though, lately I have found very interesting blogs on how-to guides. Indeed DDG has been my primary Search engine for quite long time.

@x @thumb 😂😂😂😂😂😂 at least I’m consistent!

@kev how did u make those "svg paths"? I am fairly new into this and I would like some more terms to search on my own or if u already know some tutorials.
Looking great BTW, pretty expressive xD

@kev glad you've stopped being a font nazi 😜

@kev long pressing on Android/Firefox instead of selecting text, it does this

@basil weird, I’ll have to test it. Working ok on Firefox iOS

@kev chrome is fine. Maybe just weirdness with that FF build.

@CodingOtaku @basil I thought that, so tested it with the top link, it was fine. You’re right though, href is wrong. Just pushed a fix.

@kev looks neat, i like the hamburger icon, but I would rethink the post title font.

@kev I like the new theme!

Although, I stumbled upon your Git guide.. Please for the sake of humanity, Replace the 'git add *' suggestion 😅

I think it'd be more useful to suggest to new users to use 'git add --patch'.

@arran that’s just what I managed to pickup over the last year or so. Wasn’t aware of —patch I’ll try that later and will update the post. Thanks for the tip.

@kev I like it! I’d like to see more creative individuality on blogs that remind me of 90’s blogging when you pretty much had to craft your own site out of HTML and it led to tons of different looks.

@kev it's your call and I think overall the site does really look fine. I just tend to be too finicky when it comes to fonts.

@csaba no, I get it. Fonts are such a personal thing. Thank goodness for reader mode, is all I can say! 😊

Oops. Went over 256KB with the fonts. It is okay. I allow you to add as many fonts as you want with if it is 511.9 KB or below.

@murtezayesil yup, that’s why the footer says”blue team” now.

@metalune that’s a little ridiculous. I assume you’re not being serious.

@kev initial first load took some time, but that could be caused by any sort of reason. But otherwise I'm glad you're exploring your creativity 😎👍

@RyuKurisu yeah, it will need some time to populate around the CDN. Hopefully it will improve in the next 24 hrs or so.

@XxAlexXx I deliberately wanted something a bit silly. I’m a bit silly, so why not? It’ll definitely change over time .

@kev Welp it has a kid feeling to it. Like some kid wante to make a website. So yeah
Accomplised a silly website.

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