@theselfhostingblog when I’m back at my computer I’ll Chuck it online somewhere and will send you the link.

@kev Congratulations. Looks very tidy. I think the fish tank besides the computer is a great contrast.
If you ever run out of ideas, just watch the fish for a while and *bling* there is the next idea.

@ryo exactly. They’re amazing. Also when I’m having a particularly stressful day at work, I take my hand off my keyboard and watch them for 10 mins. Instantly feel better.

@kev Very tidy setup. 🥇

Though, you youngsters with your 3 1⁄2 floppys... in my day we had 8 inch disks to carry around... 📜

@kev Congratulations! I couldn't imagine moving that fish tank . . . amazing that you were able to do so!

@stimzim no. It has two canister filters on it, but they’re really not that loud. There’s a little hum, but you don’t really notice it.

@kev where did you learn about setting all of this up and choosing the fish?

@stimzim like anything really, I just red about it and my knowledge grew over time. There's lots of great resources online, like for most things. 🙂

@stimzim you don't want to know haha. The tank, filtration, supplies and stocking, maybe £2000?

@kev Wow! It's looks amazing. (Except for Ubuntu)

@kev nah. Windows.. I guess I heard it a few times. What is that? 🤔 (I don't like Ubuntu cause of a lot of things. (I don't like Ubuntu cause of a lot of things. The infamous Snapd, its unstable nature, being heavy and bloated, ruining Gnome. Cannonical's for GNU / Linux and technology, except for Marketing and a couple of useless things. What contribution does it have?))

@kev is that a "mini" sega megadrive or is my nostalgia deceiving me?

@kev @samurro I would recommend some cable management at the small case as it would be annoying in the future. Tiny threads for temporary and zip ties for cable management permanent.

@XxAlexXx @samurro I have cable management... somewhat. It’s all tidy under the desk, and as the cables come out and route down to the pc, they are all Velcro strapped together. There needs to be plenty of slack there for when I raise the desk. I do need to get some of those “tubes” that today them all up though.

@kev @samurro You tell me that the cable smaller case below the desk is cable management. No its not. Plus wouldn't recommend keeping a chair there asss when you get angry you tend to move your legs more. I think you know where I am going with this logic. Or maybe its just a me issue. Now that I look at it, close the curtains and one more monitor and you got a classical hacker setup (maybe).

@XxAlexXx @samurro the cables are hooked to the right, behind the PC, I've worked like this for years and never caught a cable. I don't know what you're doing at your computer, but I don't get angry at mine - so yeah, that's a you problem I think.

@kev @samurro Well when playing games and losing you tend to kick and when a pc is around the p!ace where your kicking, uhhhh...... Things get broken. Not the cable. But oh well gamer rage is somewhat normal.

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