Oooo @plausible are doing sponsorships now. That’s awesome guys, great work!

@kev thanks Kev! our first ever experiment with ads! let's see how it goes!

@kev @plausible I'm sure this is useful for some people, but if I dropped Google Analytics for my clients, I'd be shitcanned faster than you can say "remarketing."

@trhr @plausible why though? If they can still measure engagement, while respecting their user’s privacy, isn’t that a win?

@kev @trhr we've had a lot of success recently with many companies getting onboard. most of them do paid advertising too. it's possible to track the journey from paid click to conversion with Plausible. many get referred to us by freelancers and agencies they work with. the one we don't do is integration with ads to build profiles across different sites people visit but many companies struggle to get a large percentage of their users to consent to that so it's becoming less important

@kev @plausible We use the pages you visit on our website to inform ad spend. All of my clients are US-based, so we don't have to comply with the GDPR opt-in provisions.

Displaying relevant advertising to people who have taken clear conversion actions on your website (e.g. added an item to cart without completing a purchase) is far and away the best bang for your buck in ad spend. Only GA supports that.

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