@oros I actually don’t know. I think I left it in the bathroom!

@kev hahahaha ! Leave it there for those unique stochastic moments..😂

@kev There’s no cabinet down below, just a front!

Oh! I remember seeing your previous post where you said "next step is fish tank" glad to see you got it done :)

@kev Dang that is a pretty good size. Are you doing living plants? What aquatic animals do you have?

@kev Together Electricity and Water generate some fear in me. 😜

@kev When you move to the next house, take the fish, leave the aquarium. It's the next person's problem now. Problem solved /s

@kev you didn't want the extra 5" to reach your printer more easily? It does look neat and tightly now 🙂

Can we get a PIC in 3 months time to see if it's still as clean? 😅

@RyuKurisu what you can’t see, just it is shot to the right, is a door to a cupboard, so space to get in there was more important.

Honestly, I’m a pretty neat person, so it skills still be pretty tidy in there. 😊

@kev I just meant moving it closer to the wall socket?

@TheFreePenguin because moving this tank was REALLY hard, so I don’t want to move it again.

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