So tomorrow we’re swapping our boys’ bedroom with my study, so they have more space. That means dismantling my 100kg raising desk AND moving a 500kg (when full) fish tank.

Trying to get ahead of the game a little bit tonight.

I. Hate. My. Life. This is gonna be a complete and utter nightmare.

@kev oof! best of luck. wish I could give a helping hand :/

@kev That fish tank will probably be a problem, but I hope I am wrong here. Best of luck for you!

@brunofontes it will definitely be a problem. That’s what I’m dreading the most

@kev is there any platform with wheels that you could use?

@kev you forgot the much does it weight ? :ac_delight:

@kev The desk sounds like child's play. Easy move. The fish tank is going to take some doing.

@mike yup. It’s the tank I’m most worried about.

@kev @mike Probably worth buying a submerge-able pump and connect it to a hose -> bathtub or toilet and suck out a bunch of that fish water.

@greypilgrim @mike that’s how I do my water changes every week. 😊

@kev Still, you have a cart or a trolley or something with wheels to move that beast?


@kev Ooof. I'd loan you mine, but for some reason I don't think that would fit your timeline.


@kev @mike roll it on cardboard poster tubes, like a giant block of stone being moved to a henge 😉👌

@kev @mike Are the rooms sharing a wall? I bet it would be less work to demolish the wall and build a new one a meter or two farther. 😜

@normandc @mike 😂😂😂 probably would be! They are brick walls though

@kev I had to move a full tank on carpet a few years ago. I ended up going to the hardware store and bought some wooden dowels, cut them roughly for the depth of the tank stand.. then slid a number of them underneath the tank. The squishiness of the carper allowed me to slide the dowels undereath the stand relatively easily. This allowed me to slide the tank over the dowels. Egyptian pyramid-building style. once the tank moves and you uncover a few dowels.. move those up front, slide, repeat.

@kev getting the tank out of that pocket in the corner of the room looks tricky though. Maybe if you left the dowels un-cut first and slid them underneath, it might allow you to slide the tank across them towards the center of the room by reducing much of the friction from the carpet. *shrug* I dunno. I was dealing with thick carpet so YMMV.

@unicornfarts I’ll be emptying the tank before I move it, so that’ll make things easier. Still 100+kg without water though. Ahhh I’m sure it’ll be fine. 😳

@kev I suggest livestreaming it so we can watch the trainwreck happen. lol j/k

good luck to you!

@kev think ahead to when they need separate rooms and so you no longer have a study 😜

@basil oh we’re already thinking about that - that’ll be a house move. 😞

@kev Wait, ~64sqft space is gonna be a shared bedroom... AND it's bigger than what your kids are in now?

I'm calling child services.

My brother and I used to share a room. My bed had wheels and it could be retracted under my brother's bed. There was barely space to walk when both beds were in use.

We could jump from one bed to another until downstairs neighbor knock out door to complain about the noise. Good times.

@murtezayesil @kev I'm an only child. I had an entire wing of the house to myself. Like... 600sqft or so including the closet space.

Let me guess. That tiny closet was your favorite place of the bunch.

Everything is huge for a child. Any space is a big enough space if you can jump while your arms are high and still not touch the ceiling.

600ft² is half of our old house. But we weren't always in our bedroom. We could run in entire house and we were lucky enough to have parents who let us draw on the walls.

My twin brother and I shared a room as well. My dad built bunk beds to make space for small desks. Then when we were 14 or 15, he built a new room for my brother in the basement, or we would have killed each other. 🙄
@trhr @kev

It wouldn't be a healthy brotherhood if there wasn't conflict. My brother is few years younger than me so when he got mad, I would let him to punch my back. I can't say no to a free massage.

But then I went to boarding school and as things computer stuff misbehaved they missed me until I visited them on the weekend and "fixed" the computer.
@trhr @kev

Siblings will fall apart, either during childhood or during adulthood.

@trhr houses are smaller in the UK. I couldn’t tell you what the sqft of the tool is, as I don’t deal in that metric, like most of the world. 😊

Both rooms have plenty of space for two little people though.

@kev Have you ever considered that the reason 🇺🇸 is the innovation center of the world is because we have to convert between imperial and metric in our heads on a daily basis to help you understand us?

@Spaceface16518 joking aside. I need a photo of your dad’s setup! 😊

@kev Hey, I have that standing desk too! Those things are built like tanks, so I feel your pain. :oof:

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