I rage-quit Ghost today after over-reacting to a comment by John Nolan on the forums. I’m not interested in Ghost’s direction overall, even though I mostly like using it as a simple blogging platform. Or did, anyway. Anyhooo, copingmechanism.com is back on WordPress. forum.ghost.org/t/ghost-4-0-re


@jackbaty I was actually one of the Kickstarter backers for Ghost,p. I can see why they’re going the way they are, but why not have a toggle or something that turns off all the monetisation gubbins? Feels like they’re cutting themselves out of a fairly significant chunk of their market.

Ah well, Wordpress is still a solid choice.

@kev I suppose it's up to them which direction they go. All people are asking for is a "simple toggle". I'd bet they'll cave this time, since that previous version already had a toggle. Still an off-putting response, though

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