@kev I will boycott any organization that boycotts the FSF because if the rightfully return of RMS.
I will cancel all funding of those, and instead give donations to the FSF.

@kev yeah, for this level of partisan behavior and straight up ignoring the will of their supporters and developers, I’m surprised that this isn’t a government organization.

@kev I think we need people who foster diversity in FOSS. I also think we need people who don't give a fuck about diversity... for diversity.


I kindly ask you to stop spreading fake news. The meaning of RMS's words has been altered, especially with decontextualization:



Furthermore, these insults to a person, defined as "misogynist, ableist, and transphobic" in a letter you signed, the attacks and demands for resignation are an indecent show.

@kev I don't get why everyone is against rejoining the . Ppl need to understand that it is not the fishing ethical software foundation

@TheFreePenguin @kev Partly because he thinks of people with down syndrome as pets, that should rather be aborted and replaced with dogs or parrots.

@FSMaxB @TheFreePenguin @kev
I agree that RMS is not perfect, but no one is perfect. If we get rid of the people we think aren't perfect, we won't be left with perfect people, but with everyone who manages to hide their imperfections.

@rjraymond @TheFreePenguin @kev Two objections:
1. There's a difference between "not quite perfect" and "totally off the mark"
2. Nobody is perfect, but some people acknowledge that fact and strive for perfection. Some people acknowledge their mistakes and apologize if they have done something wrong, but other people just announce their return without acknowledging anything and without further comment.

@FSMaxB @TheFreePenguin @kev i think he says dont treat these people like they are pets. they'll always depend on you, if that's the reason you want them born then dont because you might have a pet instead, just before the fetus becomes a human who can think and feel. it's about abortion.

"...don't create a handicapped human being to be your pet. Get a dog or a parrot..."

i'd rather prefer that kind of approach for my life. but, he could use more appropriate language though.

@can @TheFreePenguin @kev No, literally what he said was:
"If you'd like to love and care for a pet that doesn't have normal human mental capacity, don't create a handicapped human being to be your pet. Get a dog or a parrot. It will appreciate your love, and it will never feel bad for being less capable than normal humans."

At the very least you can fault him for thinking of them as "less capable than normal humans", no room for interpretation there. The pet comparison being very much implied.

@can @TheFreePenguin @kev And even without that post, there have been many more like it that show a total disregard for other human beings. Not just with disabilities in particular, but mostly people of the opposite sex to his.

@can @TheFreePenguin @kev And even if there were a way all of his posts could be explained away as purely a failure to express himself diplomatically (which I don't think there is), he still utterly failed to acknowledge that what he said wasn't "ideal", nor did he apologize. There seems to be no understanding of what he did wrong, nor any remorse or pledge of positive change.

@FSMaxB @can @kev Thanks for letting me know! Now I think that should be kicked from the project as well!

@kev What is your opinion about this event? And the event that caused Mr. Richard Stallman to have to resign from the board?

@kev I don't know. Richard Stallman has done a lot of great things. This is just my opinion, but I don't think the foss community should shoot itself in the foot and get rid of one of our greatest assets.
What he's said is pretty crazy (I read it all) but what I see is a filter-less, sexually repressed old man, not a monster.

@rjraymond I agree with all your points. He’s done great work, he’s not a monster and he is a great asset to open free software. But he’s a great asset as a developer, not as a lead.

@kev Good point, but I... I feel loyal to him. I don't know why, maybe I'm just stupid.

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