@kev well I’ve emailed them to sign, pull request didn’t work very well via iOS

@kev I don't feel like I have a clear enough picture in any direction, and I haven't had any interactions with the person, so I withold judgement and don't really go in any direction.

What I do think though is that stallman should rest on his laurels and let the newer generation get the chance to shine.

@kev I think you actually got the wrong letter, or maybe its the one I read but they edited out most of the debunked stuff (or maybe my memory is failing me oof).
Btw I really don't care I am just watching from afar while I try to finish my homework

@kev mhm, the cause sounds sane, but somehow "supporting the free software foundation by using proprietary software (GitHub)" sounds like fundamentally flawed. There are so many alternatives that provide the same feature set required for this task and are actually built on free software.

(And yes, I know it missed the main point of this letter by miles, but I think it is an example on how might even push the FSF towards "RMS as last hope", and they love to be nitpicky)

@sheogorath yeah, I see the irony here, but I assume (I don't know the person who made this originally) used GitHub for mass effect. Like it or not, GH has the lion's share when it comes to usage and Devs are the main people who would know about this/be impacted by this.

So yeah, I see the irony/hypocrisy, but I understand why they did it.

@kev @sheogorath FWIW, I "signed" via email with zero proprietary software involved. :)

@kev @sheogorath Relying on GitHub undermines the free software movement.

I already moved most of my stuff to sr.ht, I think I'll get around to deleting my old GH account today.

@kev No; I don't have time to come to a conclusion.

I'd need to know, "did any of these accusations happen in the last ten years AND are they true AND do they harm others".

If he says the world is flat, he's an idiot but I don't care. If he was a jerk in college, I don't care; people change, I'm not going to judge someone over who they *used* to be.

I'll leave this kind of decision to people whose knowledge of Stallman is more than "bearded extremist who started crappy software projects."


No, after reading the letter out loud to myself a few times, I came to the conclusion that it condemns someone for being an moronic asshole with bad ideas and opinions, based on speculation and accustaions alone and kinda reeks of thought police groupdoublethink

RMS is repugnant for for sure.

I just cant get behind the type of social justice that letter represents

@kev ...although just scrolling down the fosstodon local feed is definitely making me question my decision here.

@kev so you're saying that you signed it because you believe the FSF board should be replaced in general, not because of the politics? Ends justify the means and all that?

@kev I decided to not sign because they have some misleading references and words taken out of context mentioned in the letter.

The GitHub issues which pointed out these mistakes were closed with the argument "editing the letter will invalidate the signatures".

Since the letter won't be edited, anyone who reads the letter will be misinformed. Not doing enough research and not contacting personals who are relevant to the pointed issues is a dealbreaker for me. The letter needs to be rewritten.

@kev Just a simple "no, I won't sign this"
This is a flawed attempt to further smear FOSS.

@robbnl I don’t agree. FOSS and RMS aren’t synonymous.

@kev I might, if it presented a view closer to the one you’ve pointed out here and on your blog; that RMS should step aside to make room for newer/modern ideas.

I can’t really get behind that letter because it feels more like a witch hunt than a genuine request for improvement. It’s not asking for improvements, it’s just asking for “anything but that”.

RMS has some...questionable views at best. I don’t think the way he’s expressed those views justifies signing a letter like this though.

@kev LOL. "UninStallman". Who came up with that portmanteau?

@kev I will not sign it,
because it feels too much like

Also, I understand and sympathize
with the main reason.
I also think,
that RMS is a bad representative.

I know, I know,
the end justifies the means,
but unfortunately I'm old school.

@kev no... opinions don't mean he is a criminal. No to canceling someone for expressing his/her opinion. All good work get wiped because of a position that's different than yours!!!

@Coneng I never said he was a criminal, please don't put words in my mouth.

The issue I have is that he is the face of free software, but he doesn't speak for many of us. His opinions are anything from mildly out of touch, to utterly absurd and offensive. Personally, I don't want such a person to be the face of free software.

If you do, great. Go sign the other open letter. Or do nothing. I don't care, frankly.

@kev I didn't say that you said he was a criminal. I am saying that your position is ill based. Talk about his opinions regarding free software, in which he is working now. As for political views or other issues, they are not related. Maybe he doesn't speak for you, fine. Still it's ill based as it's not based on free software view but a certain political one.
He is the creator of free software by the way!!!

@Coneng I know who he is and I’ve “spoken” to him a couple of times via email. He’s a pedantic man who’s very difficult to deal with in my experience.

That aside, his political and personal views absolutely have an impact on the wider community. He’s the face of free software, so his public relations matter immensely.

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