Lot's of people talking about the controversy surround and the . I don't really care about that - so here's my thoughts in a longer form:


I'm going to suspect that it was Stallman's lack of personal video editing skills...though I cannot say what his skill level is.

It is pretty clear from the Libreplanet conference (just fininshed) that video skills are *definitely* part of the FSF skill set.

@kev Really? You have a problem that Stallman doesn't have experience creating a video? Tons of folks have never done that. And really, I'm guessing they had more trouble find software that was actually free software and not closed (like Zoom and it's ilk).

@bpepple re-read the quote. He said "we" multiple times. The inference being that it's an FSF issue, not a Stallman one.

This was just a single example of the many issues that the FSF has with its Jurassic reputation.

The point isn't that Stallman et al can't edit a video. The point is that the FSF needs updating and having Stallman back isn't the way to do that.

@kev I don't think your point really hold up as an example (especially since it reeks of ageism more than anything else).

Anyway, I do tend to agree that having Richard back might not be best for the FSF's future growth.

@bpepple yes, it's ageist, but it doesn't make it any less valid. Fact of the matter is, the FSF has the reputation being a group of jaded old men. Now that's very unlikely to be true, but it's the perception nevertheless.

We will have to agree to disagree on this one...

> it’s going to be nothing more than a group of neck-beards discussing how evil proprietary software is.

It's already that. It did some influential things 30 to 35 years ago, but The FSF as an organization became irrelevant a long time ago. I love Free Software but I actively don't like the FSF.

@kev "I don't really care about that - so here's my thoughts in a longer form" is going to become my new motto :D

@xpil I don't care about Stallman or the controversies surrounding him. No one wants to hear my personal opinions on the man, trust me. Plus, they're not relevant to this conversation. 🙂

I do care about the FSF though - I think they do some good. They just need to re-focus and get our from under RMS. IMO.

@kev You know, I think that "neck-bearded dinosaur" is exactly what the FSF needs at the moment.
Hipster-like approach didn't help much last year, and it seems there is no directions at all.
Well that's just me, seeing it more from a user standpoint.
And for the video, well, seems like a lot of FSF folks are not good in making videos. Understandable, because seriously, if you don't want to put it on YouTube or FB, (almost) nobody cares besides FSF-fans. And we want to read text anyway. 😊

@kev Oh and, I think it's not okay to blame someone neither for a beard nor for the age.

@kev About 25 years ago I travelled to London to hear Stallman speak. He was a bit of an objectionable t**t then, and most people's innate t**tery amplifies over time.
However, he's an important figure in the history of computing, and the FSF has done much more good than harm. But today's introspective bickering over nuance is reminiscent of the British left in the 1980s.

@kev i got an email from RMS asking about analytics couple of weeks ago and now the comment about making videos today...

i do hope this means that they will be more open to trying new things and refreshing the whole way of communicating as an organization

i think it's necessary in order to move things forward and become more relevant to a wider audience 🤞

@markosaric that’s awesome. Having the FSF would be a huge win for Plausible!

The pres is a friend so I won't sling mud at the fsf. Although he says some koo-koo stuff IMHO, the world would be bleak without Stallman's work.

@wago @kev
Time for some forgive. RMS is a very important voice for FOSS. Whatever his social skills/lapses, I have no doubt his intentions are for the best.

@kev I couldn't agree more. The message of the FSF is important but honestly I don't think they actually do anything over there. Secondly Richard Stallman is simply not a good man. We've all seen that multiple times. He's really not a good representative for that message. Personally in this world, the FSF and Stallman are completely irrelevant and have contributed nothing to tech or Linux in the past few decades. I suggest they shut it down and go retire already.

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