I know I'm incredibly sad, but I keep watching this over and over and it STILL makes me actually laugh out loud.

@kev What game? I would love to play around with it like that 😂

@edgren no idea, but it does look really cool, doesn't it! 🙂

@edgren @kev Not sure if it's the exact game but it's sortof similar, "Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator"

@Freeplay @kev It sure looks like it, yes. If that is the case, I will install it and fool around with it this weekend 😁

@kev That's literally my conflicts view when I rebase/merge the wrong branch

@kev Same here mate! Can't stop watching it...

@kev I just like the guy at the front of the screen who just runs through avoiding any conflicts :) he'll definitely stab opposing parties(pieces of the code) later on

My wife is looking at me thinking "WTF is he laughing at?"
I explained the best I could.
She's still looking at me thinking "WTF is he still laughing at"!

@kev Ya gotta do the most frequent and therefore the smallest merges possible, imo. Use a feature flag boolean to turn off your new code feature, until it's done (whenever that's possible), and then your final "merge" is basically to turn the feature on.

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